2013 Wide Receiver Rankings Version 3.0

2013 Wide Receiver Rankings Version 3.0

Updated Rankings with ADP
By: Pete Davidson : August 01, 2013 1:44am

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Welcome to the third version of our receiver rankings.  I'm working on the tight ends as we speak and the quarterbacks will be next.  I'll attack the backs over the weekend.  Once I've finshed all of the 3.0 rankings, I'll get our first cheat sheets out there.  

Alright, let’s talk receivers for a few seconds before we dive into the rankings. Fantasy writers are practically addicted to the word “value.” I’m no exception, and one thing I hear a lot is that there is good value at receiver in the later rounds. I tend to agree, but how do you take advantage of that? I have a few basic and somewhat obvious ideas on that front.

  • Don’t take too many receivers early. I’m usually taking 2-3 receivers through ten rounds at this point. This puts a lot of my deep sleepers in play in the second half of drafts.
  • Don’t take so few receivers early on that you are drafting for need late. Strike a balance, this will allow you to take upside options versus safer low-upside options.
  • Never settle at receiver early on. If you don’t feel good about your top WR on your board, look at all other positions in a search for the best value.

I always try to see the whole board when I draft, and, when I pull back and try to see the board at receiver in 2013, I see a lot of upside players in the 40-60 range that I want to have on my team. This is very liberating when it comes to drafting in rounds 1-8. I am very willing to go after my WR3 and all of my bench receivers after round eight. Let’s distill that for a second. What does that mean? It means my roster looks something like this positionally after the eight round.

  • 4 RBs
  • 2 WRs
  • 1 TE
  • 1 QB

I am very happy if that’s my haul after eight rounds, as long as I didn’t reach for any of them. This is where I am at today in terms of strategy. It may change in the coming weeks based on what happens with ADP and perhaps more injuries, but right now, this approach is working well. And, understand, I am always open to scrapping my plan if the value is right. And sometimes I may roll with the value and end up with three receivers and no tight end or maybe even no quarterback depending on how good the value is. One thing I definitely want is to have four backs I am happy with after nine or ten rounds. I say this because I usually get that 4th back in round eight or nine.

Now a word about my ranking a drafting strategy as a whole. You often hear about a prototypical player for a particular position. I think this way as I draft. I try to avoid taking players who don’t have the upside to be a desirable weekly option. Those players do not fit my prototype.  This approach leads to to rank a player like Tavon Austin or Kenny Britt over a player like Lance Moore. Nothing against Moore, but he’s a 3rd wheel in his offense at best. He may be a safer play, but I want a player who can drastically outperform his draft spot and I don’t think Moore has that potential.

For the same reason, I am often taking David Wilson over Frank Gore. While they will probably post similar numbers, there’s a much better chance of Wilson blowing the top off his ranking and I am comfy enough with his floor to take the risk. At receiver, in 2013, the approach makes perfect sense, especially in the middle rounds, because of the depth at the position. If I pass up on Moore for Britt and Britt ends up being ... brittle, then I will have other options to go to like Justin Blackmon, Riley Cooper, Golden Tate or Cordarrelle Patterson. I usually have a few of these types on my bench. This emboldens me to reach for the upside once I have my lock starters.  It's a play-to-win approach.  Even if I whiff on my upsdie guys, I will find my way in free agency.  I trust our scouting enough to feel confident in that.  If you followed our waiver wire last year, I bet you do as well.

The "WR Taken" column is the order that the receivers are being drafted in.  Find any player fast with the search field to your right.  Just start typing the player's name and your player will pop up.  No need to hit return or refresh.

1 Calvin Johnson 1 6 DET 9 1 He’s going to score more touchdowns this year. Probably a lot more. Like AP and Jimmy Graham, Megatron gets a tier all to himself. He’s that good and he has a QB that can make any throw imaginable. Just draft him. As soon as you just can’t pull the trigger on a RB, you go to Calvin--not a QB.
2 AJ Green 2 13 CIN 12 2 Green’s the number two, because nobody can cover him and because he’s the clear-cut number one option on his team. The Bengals got better all-around this offseason by bringing in Tyler Eifert and Giovani Bernard. Now there is enough talent around Green where teams can’t bracket him and get away with it. He should repeat his 2012 numbers and perhaps improve them some. His QB is just solid, but he’s getting better and we should see some more incremental improvement in 2013. Take Green with confidence.
3 Dez Bryant 3 15 DAL 11 2 Injuries worry me with Dez, but that’s the ONLY thing that worries me. Bryant is a dominant talent, plain and simple. He’s now the clear #1 on his team and a threat to score more than 15 touchdowns. If he plays 16 games, he’s a monster. Do not hesitate with Bryant. Draft him and enjoy. If you want to take him ahead of Green, I have no problem with that.
4 Julio Jones 5 18 ATL 6 2 Jones is right there with Green and Bryant. Take him over anybody but Calvin and I have no complaints. He’s getting better every year. He’s got a solid quarterback and there’s going to be more bite in the play-action game with Steven Jackson upgrading Michael Turner’s spot. Count on it. Big plays are coming and more receptions too.
5 Brandon Marshall 4 17 CHI 8 2 I don’t like Marshall’s TD potential as much as the other tier 2 guys, but he’s only a bit behind them. The new offense in Chicago should fit Marshall and QB Jay Cutler just fine. In fact, HC Marc Trestman might be just what the Dr. ordered in Chicago. The thing is, Marshall could play better football in 2013 without posting the same level of statistics. That’s because the Bears will be trying to use all of their weapons this year. Give Marshall a bump in PPR.
6 Demaryius Thomas 6 23 DEN 9 2 I still have some mild injury worries, but Thomas is a stone cold stud and he’s got a stud throwing him the ball. For this, he is a tier 2 option. He’ll give you everything ... receptions, yardage and scores. Peyton Manning doesn’t waste talent.
7 Larry Fitzgerald 7 26 ARI 9 3 Fitz is playing in a better situation this year and we expect WR1 numbers out of him. We should see more diversity from this offense and we see them to moving Fitz around the formation to free him up. I also expect Michael Floyd to help out and keep teams honest. If Floyd reaches his potential, the Cards could have the kind of 1-2 they had with Fitz and Boldin. I see 1,000 plus yards and double digit scores for Larry in 2013. If Larry had a better--safer--QB, and played for a more established team, he’d be up there with Calvin and AJ. Still, Carson Palmer is a major step forward from what’s been under center since Kurt Warner left. Major. That and the improved pass protection will make Fitz a viable WR1.
8 Randall Cobb 10 31 GB 4 3 Cobb is a projection this high for sure. Cobb has been going off the board just a few spots behind Harvin and that seems about right. Our expectation, and obviously the expectation of many, is that Cobb continues to ascend statistically. With Greg Jennings gone, he should be a huge part of the offense every week just like he was last year, and they keep finding new ways to use him. Cobb is now a central cog in one of the leagues most consistent passing games led by perhaps the league’s best QB. Cobb had less than five catches in a game only three times in 2012 and all three were in the first five weeks of the year. He was banged up with a shoulder at the time. He was also rested for Week 17. Cobb was even better than the stats suggest and he’s only getting more involved in the offense.
9 Andre Johnson 9 28 HOU 8 3 His age is becoming an issue, but I like him if I can get him in the 4th as I have a few times in 12-team drafts. Johnson had a very quiet big year if you can get past the paltry touchdown total (4). While AJ has always been a bit disappointing in the touchdown department, a return to the 7-8 range seems reasonable if not likely. Johnson is currently in good health and if that holds, he’s a solid target as a light WR1 or strong WR2.
10 Vincent Jackson 12 39 TB 5 3 He could be higher, but the lack of an elite quarterback hurts him a little. That said, Freeman is serviceable and can get the ball where it needs to go. V-Jax is not quite as valuable in PPR, which is worth noting. I like his chances to repeat his big season of 2012, because he is simply impossible to cover for sixty minutes. Jackson wears opponents down with his size and strength. As I have been saying for years, this guy is a true freak.
11 Eric Decker 22 59 DEN 9 3 I’ll get some grief for ranking Decker this high, but the guy can play and he’s a good red zone option. In short, Decker is a big talented receiver with good hands that gets open and plays with Peyton Manning. He scored 13 times in 2012 and his numbers have gotten better every year. Peyton Manning doesn’t waste talent. Those folks who are calling for a regression are ignoring the reasons that Decker posted big numbers in the first place. Should you take him as the 12th receiver? Maybe not. Decker has moved up almost a full round since May, as I expected. Now he stands at 59 overall. Still a bargain in the fourth round or early fifth.
12 Roddy White 8 27 ATL 6 3 I expect a slight decline, but he’s so solid and he should give you solid production if not WR1 production. The improved ground game may help Roddy too, by getting him into more single coverage and by increasing the effectiveness of play-action. I see Steven Jackson as a big upgrade over Michael Turner, who had cement feet last year.
13 Marques Colston 15 45 NO 7 4 His mileage (and knees) concerns me a bit, but if he can stay healthy, he should be good for ten scores and about a thousand yards. There’s a lot of talent around him this year and he should see more single coverage as teams continue to struggle with Jimmy Graham. He’s as solid a WR2 as you’ll find.
14 Jordy Nelson 14 44 GB 4 4 He’s not the value he was a few weeks ago. Jordy is no longer slipping into round five and has moved up to the 44th slot in terms of ADP. That’s still solid value. Nelson’s touchdown potential is what makes him so valuable. He scored 15 in 2011. James Jones scored 14 last season. With Greg Jennings gone, both players could post big numbers in 2013 along with Randall Cobb. Nelson’s skills have improved year-to-year and he has the full trust of Rodgers. He’s a very solid fantasy commodity.
15 Victor Cruz 11 38 NYG 9 4 Cruz got his money and is now locked in as the super slot option in the Giants’ offense. We expect the kind of numbers we’ve come to expect now that he’s done with negotiations. Cruz is a big part of the Giants’ offense and that includes the red zone offense. He is a solid WR2 option in all formats.
16 Torrey Smith 23 61 BAL 8 5 Smith has grown a little every year and now he is the unquestioned #1 in Baltimore. And, he can get better. If he continues to refine his routes, Smith could begin to defeat the double team more frequently. He can definitely be taken away at times, but he is a big play waiting to occur. He’s a great fit for Joe Flacco’s deep ball skills. Get him as your WR2 or WR3 and you are in good shape. Torrey’s a solid value right now with an ADP of 61. I’m quite happy if I can land Smith as my fifth player in a 12-team draft.
17 Dwayne Bowe 17 47 KC 10 5 I like Bowe to bounce back significantly with Andy Reid running the show, but new QB Alex Smith is not John Elway or even Trent Green, so I am not predicting a WR1 campaign. He’s a good WR2 option with WR1 upside and he’s good value at his current ADP of 47.
18 Pierre Garcon 24 66 WAS 5 5 I want to rank him higher, but between Garcon’s health issues (foot) and RGIII’s knee, there is a lot to worry about. His upside is a lot higher than his ADP of 60 and the key is figuring out how late you can get him.
21 Hakeem Nicks 18 50 NYG 9 6 Nicks has top ten skills but he’s got to be healthy. If he makes it through the preseason without any issues, I’ll bump him up a few more spots, but right now, I just don’t trust his health. One move I do like, if Nicks slips in your draft, is to take Nicks and his huge upside potential, but then go a round or two early to get Rueben Randle as a handcuff. We project Randle to be a WR2 caliber player if he was to start in place of Nicks.
19 Danny Amendola 19 52 NE 10 6 Well things have changed a bit since we last spoke on Danny. With Aaron Hernandez wearing a ... different uniform, the upside potential for Amendola is even higher. Of course, the risk of injury remains constant at best and that was always the reason I had Amendola valued as a WR3. Now, he’s creeping into the WR2 range, and, for the risk-takers, he’s ranked even higher. There’s no denying the upside with Amendola, or the injury history. If you do decide to take the plunge on Amendola, it might make sense to get a Patriot as a backup. Julian Edelman would be the guy. Then, if Amendola does go down, you hit the waiver wire and back Edelman up with rookie Josh Boyce, who has some pretty serious ability out of the slot. That’s the way it might roll with this player. It’s up to you to decide if his upside is worth the potential headache. It’s also worth noting that, in PPR scoring, this guy is worth even more and probably jumps up ahead of guys like James Jones and Mike Wallace.
20 Reggie Wayne 20 53 IND 8 6 He’s the clear number one option, though I do not expect a repeat of last year. His ADP of 53 is a little high for me to target him in drafts. Wayne’s 2012 campaign was a thing of beauty, but he did fade a bit down the stretch. I expect solid production this year, but I think I can do better in the early fifth. Eric Decker sticks out as the best example at receiver. No way do I pass up Decker or a guy like Torrey Smith for Wayne in 2013.
22 Steve Smith 26 69 CAR 4 6 Smith is being taken way too late in drafts right now, but I think, as folks “do the math”, he’ll rise up. Smith makes a fine WR2 in 12-team leagues. He looked to be at the top of his game at the close of 2012. I saw no signs of age or a looming decline. He should be good for one more year and he is the UNQUESTIONED first option in the Panther’s offense. We’ve got him five slots ahead of where he’s being taken. You should be able to get him just a bit ahead of his ADP of 69 and get some solid value in the process. Smith still plays with the same burning desire he always has.
23 Mike Wallace 21 58 MIA 6 6 On paper, I love Mike Wallace this year. I think he’s a really good fit for what Miami wants to do and he’s young and in his prime which is key for a pure speed threat. The issue with Wallace is how to deal with the red flags. Why did the the Steelers let him walk? Yeah, he was a bad fit for Todd Haley’s scheme, but still, this kid has crazy talent. The scare factor is the that the Steelers have exercised pretty solid judgement over the years. Sure, Plaxico had some great years after he left, but they were right about both Plax and Santonio Holmes when it comes to gray matter. Should we assume they are right on Wallace too? And, if they are, what do we make of a young man who just got a truck-load of money? Will his motivation be an issue? So understand the risks with Wallace. He’s got some issues with his floor, but he also has a whole lot of upside. As a WR3 with huge weekly upside, I love him. As a WR2 that you must count on ... not as much.
24 James Jones 27 73 GB 4 6 Jones is being taken as the 27th receiver in 12-team leagues and he’s better than that. The Pack runs tons of trips and Jones will be heavily targeted by a guy named Rodgers. He has a chance to repeat his 2012 touchdown total with Greg Jennings now gone for good. It’s also worth noting that Jones is playing for a new contract. He’s an unrestricted free agent at year’s end.
25 Cecil Shorts 28 74 JAC 9 7 Rotobahn readers know of our respect for Cecil. The guy was an NFL receiver the day he stepped on the field. It’s his situation that’s held him back. He plays for a team in transition and we’re not sure who his quarterback is, but our guy Cecil has arrived and he will be the best player on the field for the Jaguars in 2013. He’s a great value if you can get him as your WR3, and he’s a solid option if you need to use him as a WR2. He’s currently being taken as the 32nd receiver off the board, up from 37 a few weeks back. He’s still a good value there.
26 Antonio Brown 25 67 PIT 5 7 He’s got upside if you get him as your WR3, but things might be tougher for Brown as a true number one receiver. Mike Wallace, with all his issues, did draw a ton of coverage. Still, if he can stay healthy, we expect Brown to post his best season to date.
27 Mike Williams 34 85 TB 5 7 With Tampa improving around him, we expect Williams to be good for his usual circa 1,000 and ten scores. Why doubt him at this point? He’s always done it with Freeman and the ground game will help him get free. He’s moved up ten spots since our last rankings, but he’s still a solid at 85 overall.
28 Wes Welker 16 46 DEN 9 7 PPR is a different story, but Welker’s touchdown potential concerns me in 12-team performance leagues. He’ll be plenty productive, but probably not what we’re used to seeing. He’ll help the Broncos and he’ll be a fantasy asset, but probably not the slot monster we’ve come to expect. Draft with caution, especially in non-PPR formats.
29 Miles Austin 37 89 DAL 11 7 He’s a solid WR3 and not a bad buy as the 35th WR off the board. He’s risen a few spots since our last rankings as I predicted and he may rise a bit more. I am neither targeting nor avoiding Austin in 2013.
30 Kenny Britt 38 90 TEN 8 7 I’m feeling Kenny a bit and I am targeting him if he slips into round eight. The upside is just too high to pass up if I can get him as my WR4 and I have done that a few times. Got him as a WR5 a few times too, but that’s getting rarer as folks begin to wise up. Britt looked pretty good down the stretch and he’s having a good and healthy offseason. Don’t reach for him, but scoop him up if he’s there in the 8th.
31 DeSean Jackson 29 75 PHI 12 7 He’s locked in as the #1 guy and the big play option. I’ve bumped him up since Maclin’s injury. The risk with DeSean is injury. We think he’ll perform well for coach Kelly and give you solid WR3 numbers.
32 Tavon Austin 30 77 STL 11 7 He’s exciting and I would make him a priority in dynasty leagues. For him to go off as a rookie, he’ll need some help from his teammates. I do have some concerns about his size and his ability to hold up to the rough-and-tumble of the NFL. Right now, he’s being taken as a high-end WR3 and that’s a little more than I am willing to pay. I have drafted him in a few drafts where he slipped. He can make a nice value if you don’t reach for him.
33 Golden Tate 57 170 SEA 12 8 Go back and check out rankings 1.0 and 2.0 if you want to see my original take on Tate. Now that Harvin is out for the bulk of the fantasy season, I am doubling down on Tate, who we feel really elevated his game in 2012. He may be the #1 option in Seattle at this point, we expect solid WR3 numbers. What’s nice is that you can get him later than I have him ranked. I’d pay WR4 prices and expect WR3 production.
34 T.Y. Hilton 33 82 IND 8 8 I worry a bit about durability, but Hilton is all we said he was last year and I expect even better things in 2013 as he develops into one of Luck’s regular targets. As we said last year in July, this guy can flat out play. No way they opt to waste his talents to force DHB. Both will get plenty of time as will both tight ends.
35 Danario Alexander 35 86 SD 8 8 We love DX and hope he has a great year, but do not forget just how many knee surgeries this guy has had. What he did last year was a borderline miracle when you consider all he’s been through. He has the talent to do even more than he did in 2012, but to bet on that is to bet on his knees too. I am hesitant to make that bet at his current ADP of 84. You’re better off waiting a round and getting Mike Williams, who is currently a steal at 98.
36 Lance Moore 40 98 NO 7 8 He has limited upside, but he’s a very solid WR3/flex when he is healthy. As the third option in the Saints’ offense, he should be a solid option in 2013. He’s a solid WR3 in 12-team leagues.
37 Michael Floyd 44 115 ARI 9 8 As I said in our initial rankings, Floyd has major upside. I expect WR3 production. You can check out my dynasty update on Floyd which is linked below. Floyd is excellent value at his current AP of 120, which is up from the 180s a month ago.
38 Emmanuel Sanders 43 114 PIT 5 8 He has upside, but I do worry a bit about Markus Wheaton and whether he might cut into Sanders’ role. This is a situation to watch in preseason.
39 Josh Gordon 39 93 CLE 10 9 I am as high as can be on Gordon’s talents, but he’s already out for the first two games and I am not big on falling into a hole in terms of the playoff chase. Gordon has big upside, but make sure you can afford to wait for him. He’s also had some tendinitis recently. And don’t forget the risk of further suspension. I like the idea of taking Gordon, but make sure you are in a position to do it. Don’t wait on receiver s and end up with him as your WR2. He’s got major upside but a risky floor.
40 Anquan Boldin 36 88 SF 9 9 The injury to Michael Crabtree absolutely helps Boldin, who is now going to play a pretty big role in the offense. Perhaps a bigger role than he played for the Ravens last year and the 49ers have a better offense on the whole. He’s a solid pick as a WR3.
41 Denarius Moore 41 107 OAK 7 9 He’s a fine player and I want to rank him higher, but he’s had some injury issues and he has a problem at QB. If the Raiders look functional on offense during the preseason and if they settle on a QB, I might be inclined to push Denarius up a few notches. The good news is that the Raiders will need to throw. This much I have confidence in.
42 Steve Johnson 31 79 BUF 12 9 He has nice upside where I am ranking him, but I am not quite sure about his role with new management and it can’t be good that they have gone out of their way to bring in so many receivers this offseason. Johnson does have talent, but he is undependable route-wise and gets banged up a lot.
43 Alshon Jeffery 47 131 CHI 8 9 Rotobahn regulars know how much we like Jeffery. The word out of Chicago is that he’s having a strong offseason. People are really sleeping on Alshon’s upside.
44 Cordarrelle Patterson 55 160 MIN 5 10 Check out the scouting report on Patterson linked at the bottom of the page if you are not familiar with his talents. This is a player you need to know about. We like Cordarrelle a lot and he landed in a very good place for his skill set. The Vikings were looking to replace what Percy Harvin did. They were accustomed to a non-traditional talent in middle of their offense. I think he is well worth drafting at his current ADP of 160. In fact, I’d take him little sooner if I have the right kind of team. He’s got a weak floor as all rookies do, but he also has crazy, mad, whack upside if things break right. If you love your team as you reach the middle rounds and you are looking for some upside in the 10th or 11th round, Patterson is a great option. In long term leagues, drafting Patterson should be an even bigger priority. If I am drafting first in a dynasty draft, Patterson might be my pick unless I had a need at tailback, in which case I’d probably take LeVeon Bell.
48 Greg Little 60 177 CLE 10 10 Little is yet another solid sleeper. Check out my dynasty update on him linked at the bottom of the page. With Josh Gordon out for the first two weeks, Little has a chance to get some early love in the passing game. He can be a steal late in deeper leagues.
46 Aaron Dobson 52 154 NE 10 10 Check out our scouting report on Dobson linked at the bottom of the page. He’s an advanced player and he can play right away. I like his touchdown potential and I love him in dynasty leagues. Dobson is a legit WR3 candidate if he wins a starting job and we think he can. The reality in New England is that they start three receivers. Danny Amendola will be a movable piece and mostly a slot. They need to establish an physical outside presence and Dobson is that guy. With Amendola, Gronkowski and a strong ground attack, Dobson will get plenty of single coverage ... with Brady throwing him the ball. His upside is a lot higher than people realize.
47 Sidney Rice 42 112 SEA 12 11 Rice is a nice sleeper this year. He’ll be seeing less quality coverage with Harvin in town and we expect them to allow Russell Wilson to throw more often than in 2012. Rice should be highly motivated with so much future salary on the line. He’s a cap casualty for sure in 2014 if he has anything but a good season. Rice showed good toughness playing through pain in 2012, but that doesn’t cancel out his injury history, which is significant.
45 Greg Jennings 32 81 MIN 5 11 Jennings is a talented player, but I am not targeting him as his current ADP of 81, making him the 32nd receiver off the board. In the GB offense, sure, but not when he’s on the other end of Christian Ponder’s passes. I see him as a WR3 when healthy, but staying healthy is far from a lock with Jennings, who is two years removed from his last impressive season. I just don’t see the upside.
49 Justin Blackmon 45 120 JAC 9 11 He’ll miss the first month, but he was coming on as the 2012 season progressed and he is a serious talent. He’s not a bad draft-and-stash player in deeper leagues. He’ll be more of a waiver wire add in 10-team leagues unless you have deep benches. Blackmon is a bit of a mystery. If he really applied himself, he could get close to the elites, but the way he’s looked so far, it’s hard to bet heavy on that happening plus you now have the risk of bigger suspensions in the future. Still, with his combination of physicality, athleticism and speed, Blackmon has the kind of upside that most players dream about. I’m looking to draft Blackmon if I’ve managed to assemble a good team by the tenth or eleventh round. If he is still on the board and I am all set with my key starters, I like the idea of taking him. If I already have my fair share of risk at that point, I might be looking for a more secure asset like Alshon Jeffery, who projects to be active Week 1 and starting. Michael Floyd is another who might still be there.
50 Brandon LaFell 69 208 CAR 4 11 LaFell is a sweet sleeper in 12-team leagues. He should start, and, as long as his toe is healthy, we like him to have his best season to date. The Panthers really haven’t brought in any quality competition for him. He’s got a ton of upside as a red zone target for Cam Newton.
51 Ryan Broyles 53 158 DET 9 11 It’s all about the knee. If he is 100%, then he is a potential fantasy starter. We’ll see how he’s doing in camp before deciding whether or not to target him. If he is 100% and starting, he is a legit WR3 option.
52 Brian Hartline 50 142 MIA 6 11 Hartline will be the starter opposite Mike Wallace and that should make him a viable option as a WR3 or flex in 12-team leagues. I’d be a lot more excited about Hartline if he found the end zone with any regularity, but with just three scores over the last three seasons, you have a daunting sample size. He’ll score more than once this year, but dreaming about a breakout is probably not a good idea. I’ll draft Hartline, but not as my WR3 as some are doing. He’s a depth guy with some nice upside if you get him AS a WR4 or WR5. We expect a better year from his QB Ryan Tannehill, who battled impressively as a rookie.
53 DeAndre Hopkins 46 127 HOU 8 12 Hopkins is NFL-ready which is big because he should be a starter for a team that can throw the ball. Yes, the Texans are a run-first team much of the time, but they want to throw more and a complete player like Hopkins could help a lot towards that end. He’s capable of 60/800/8 right out of the box.
54 Darrius Heyward-Bey 51 149 IND 8 12 Hmmmmm.... DHB is a very interesting player. At times last year, he looked damn good. He landed in a very good spot in Indy. He has a young elite QB to work with and there is room to move on the depth chart. DHB is also the lone big receiver in Indy, which gives him a niche. Of course, they do have a few big tight ends that can function as receivers in Fleener and Allen. Keep an eye on Heyward-Bey. Either he or Lavon Brazill is going to make a big impact this season.
55 Jacoby Jones 62 190 BAL 8 12 Will they give him a chance to start? We’ll bump him up a notch if they do. Jones has always had the ability. Now he may get a chance to play starter’s snaps or close to it. This is absolutely a guy to watch over the next month.
56 Rueben Randle 56 166 NYG 9 12 With Victor Cruz now locked up long term, some of the shine is off Randle’s apple. Still, with Hakeem Nicks’ injury history and muddled contract situation, Randle still has a chance to be a starter by next year. Additionally, the Giants have shown an ability to support three receivers in the past for fantasy purposes and they play 3-wide often. Randle could still have flex value, even with Nicks and Cruz doing their thing. Rueben is a legit talent.
57 Kendall Wright 49 138 TEN 8 12 Wright is yet another player with starter’s upside. His biggest problem by far is Jake Locker. If Locker is even passable, Wright will be flexworthy in 12-team leagues. Wright’s rookie season was not disappointing based on what we saw. This kid has a solid future if he can get some decent QB play.
58 Mohamed Sanu 61 186 CIN 12 12 He really tantalized last year before going on the IR with a broken left foot. He should be 100% for 2013, but my concern is more about Marvin Jones than Sanu’s health. Both players have a lot of ability, but Jones could be the guy to take pressure off of A.J. Green. The most likely outcome for 2013 is that both players get time and hurt each others’ value. If Sanu can take the job and own it, he’ll be moved up our boards. He’s a talented kid with a nose for the end zone.
59 Stephen Hill 63 193 NYJ 10 12 Hill is easily forgotten for a few reasons....He plays for the Jets, being the big one. He had a mediocre rookie season in 2012. He’s a somewhat raw project and he’s had some knee problems. Ok, now for the good. Hill is young and VERY talented. Once the Jets figure out the QB position, perhaps in 2014, Hill could explode. I would get him rostered in long term formats if I can do it cheaply. This guy has massive upside for the long term. And, football-wise, Hill is on schedule. It’s really just the QB and the knee that I want cleared up. The guy has Megatron measurables and he plays the game hard. Hill has a high ceiling and with no studs on the Jets roster, he should be the team’s primary red zone threat. He has some redraft value for sure, but his health needs to check out before we push him too high.
60 Riley Cooper -- PHI 12 12 We’ve always liked Cooper’s game, and his all-around skill set could appeal to HC Chip Kelly. Cooper is equally adept as a blocker and a receiver. He’s a player to watch this year if he can avoid using any more racial slurs and if he can still be a welcomed team member. He sure acted like a fool and worse in that video, but we’re not here to make moral assessments on players. I do think I will amend my “he’s a smart kid” comment and change it to “Riley has football smarts.” Sigh.***UPDATE*** This has gotten so ugly that Cooper may end up being out of football soon. The fantasy issue at hand is his importance to the Eagles in terms of his ability. Philly is a better team with Cooper and especially so with Maclin gone. I'd avoid him for now, but if it becomes clear that he will stay and start, the guy has significant fantasy value.
61 Chris Givens 48 132 STL 11 13 If the Rams play as much 3-wide as we expect, then Givens will have a big role. He’s a very nice sleeper with big play potential.
62 Rod Streater 73 238 OAK 7 13 Streater had an outstanding year for an undrafted player out of Cincinnati. He could start this year and he has a little upside. He’s got some size and athleticism, but his big skill is making catches and getting open. Streater’s biggest problem is the QB play in Oakland, which is an unknown at this point and likely to be worse than last year.
63 Aldrick Robinson -- WAS 5 13 Check out the dynasty report on Aldrick at the bottom of the page. He’s got a chance to blow up this year though Leonard Hankerson is also intriguing to a degree. Robinson has been groomed by Shanahan and this should be his year to bust out. Aldrick is a natural play-maker and he plays with that RGIII guy. I have him ranked pretty high, so understand that he’s an upside pick and not a high floor guy. The idea is to take advantage of his ADP (doesn't even have one he's going so infrequently) and get him late in deeper drafts.
64 Quinton Patton 91 301 SF 9 13 It’s a damn shame that “The General” is a rookie, because if he already had a year in the 49ers’ offense, I’d say he is the favorite to take over for the injured Michael Crabtree. If Patton can pick up on the nuances of the offense better that A.J. Jenkins (struggling again by reports) did in 2012, he could be a VERY valuable player in 2013. This is, obviously, a situation to watch. We really like the upside of all three players in this scrum and now that Kyle Williams is getting healthy, he’ll be a factor too. Whomever wins the job has potential in redraft leagues. Don’t cry for Frisco, folks. They have the talent to play without Crabtree.
65 Vincent Brown 54 159 SD 8 13 It’s been a while since we’ve seen him play, but he is perhaps the best receiver in San Diego along with Danario Alexander. Brown is exactly what the Chargers need--a guy who can be trusted on all the routes. Time in the pocket is something Philip Rivers may not have. He’ll need dependable targets. Brown has some real upside. If things break right, he’ll be a WR3 or weekly flex option. The downside is that we haven’t really seen Brown since 2011 and the Chargers were a much better offense back then. This may not be the upside party that a lot of folks are predicting. Brown may have more long term value than short term. The Chargers OL is just scary bad right now and there are four receivers in SD with potential in Brown, Alexander, Malcom Floyd and rookie Keenan Allen.
66 Robert Woods 75 244 BUF 12 13 We are big fans of Woods for the long term. Dynasty leaguers take note. He’s got all the physicality that you look for, but it’s the way he plays that is going to make him a good pro. Buffalo is a team in transition, so who knows what he can do as a rookie, but he will be a very good player, either sooner or later.
67 Joseph Morgan 80 277 NO 7 14 Morgan needs to have a good camp and he needs to expand his game. If the other young receivers struggle, then Morgan could be a regular threat in 2013, but we like Toon and Stills more than Morgan over the long haul.
68 Brian Quick 64 196 STL 11 14 If you read our rookie reports last year, then you know we like Quick. As long as he starts, he has WR3 upside, but getting consistent targets could prove difficult in the Rams’ offense, which is loaded with skill talent. This guy should continue to get better. The Rams have a young and deep core of quality WR talent.
69 Doug Baldwin 86 291 SEA 12 14 He’s off the radar for now with Percy Harvin in town, but he can be a factor if there are injuries.
70 Andrew Hawkins 94 311 CIN 12 15 He’s exciting and very talented, but the Bengals are deep in the play-making department and Gio Bernard could cut into Hawkins’ role somewhat as could Tyler Eifert as far as snaps from the slot is concerned.
71 Julian Edelman 65 197 NE 10 15 This kid plays so hard and he is a great for how New England plays. He just needs to stay healthy. There is speculation, that he may not make the team, but that would surprise me. He’s just too good on special teams and can handle a bigger role if they give it to him. JE is a guy to watch, if he makes the squad, with all the breakable players in New England. Of course, right now JE is missing time himself, but we expect him to practice eventually.
72 Malcom Floyd 58 171 SD 8 15 Age is catching up with Floyd and he may have trouble getting deep this year as San Diego has poor pass protection to put it mildly. The other issue for Floyd is the crowded depth chart. Vincent Brown, Danario Alexander, Robert Meachem and rookie Keenan Allen all have enough talent to keep Floyd off the field and offer youth at the position.
73 Leonard Hankerson 79 274 WAS 5 15 Hankerson has ability, but he needs to hang onto the football more consistently. He’s fighting with Aldrick Robinson for snaps and it’s going to be tough for both to have value as long as Pierre Garcon remains healthy. If Hankerson starts, he could be very good, so keep an eye on him. Robinson seems to be a better fit for the Redskins as a true deep threat, so we are leaning that way, but it’s a position battle that needs to play out before either man moves up.
74 Kenny Stills 114 376 NO 7 15 I don’t want my readers sleeping on Stills’ upside. July and August are huge for the former Sooner as he tries to earn a job as a rookie. We have little doubt that Stills will make it over the long term, but he’ll have to have a good camp to shine in 2013. He could do big things with Drew Brees and this ranking is a reflection of Stills’ upside. If he struggles in camp, he’ll be dropped down, but this is a guy we want you to be aware of. Check out the scouting reports on Stills, both linked at the bottom of the page. We liked this kid a lot going into the draft, but now that he’s with Payton and Brees, we’re even more bullish on Stills’ long term potential. This kid will make a lot of teams regret passing on him. Don’t forget that, though Lance Moore and Marques Colston are listed as starters on the saints’ depth chart, their base offense features three receivers with Moore in the slot. Stills is the best bet to take over Devery Henderson’s old spot on the outside and Stills could do more with it than Devery ever did.
75 Markus Wheaton 77 252 PIT 5 15 Wheaton is a player. The Question is, how fast does it happen for him? The Steelers have a lot of very functional receivers and some very established veteran role players like Jerricho Cotchery and Plaxico Burress. They are in a position to bring Wheaton along slowly and use him situationally until he forces his way in. Mike Wallace’s rookie year might be a good place to look for Wheaton’s 2013 upside. In deeper leagues, I’d consider adding Wheaton late if I drafted Emmanuel Sanders as my 3rd or 4th receiver. I’m targeting Wheaton in dynasty and long term formats.
76 Deonte Thompson 102 334 BAL 8 15 This kid is a player to watch without question. He’s got a lot of NFL traits ... routes, hands and serious speed. He’s also on a team with a QB that throws a great deep ball. There’s also a starting spot up for grabs and if Thompson steps up and takes it, he could have legit value in deeper leagues. He’s a guy to nab in dynasty and long term for sure.
77 Marquise Goodwin 95 313 BUF 12 15 Holy upside Batman! Goodwin is a player we love. His scouting report is linked at the bottom of the page. Check out this guy’s highlight reel. He can fly, but more importantly ... he can play. Once Buffalo gets the kinks ironed out with new HC Doug Marrone’s offense and the QB situation, players like Goodwin and Robert Woods can be awesome. I am looking to add Goodwin in all long term formats like dynasty and keeper leagues.
78 Percy Harvin 13 42 SEA 12 15 He’s going to be out until about Dec 2nd (hip surgery) if reports are to be trusted. Right now, I’d let somebody else take him, but if we get really good reports on his surgery, we’ll consider him more seriously as a flier.
79 Chris Harper 104 340 SEA 12 16 Another kid that we really like. He could be an outstanding fit for the Seattle offense as a big possession receiver who can run guys over after the catch and make devastating downfield blocks for Percy Harvin and Russell Wilson. I’m looking for this kid in the middle to late portions of dynasty drafts. If Golden Tate leaves via free agency, Harper could really emerge in 2014. This guy is a football player.
80 Josh Boyce 117 383 NE 10 16 Boyce is a player that could erupt at any time ... but that time could be 2014. We like Boyce a lot, but he needs snaps to produce and he may need an injury or two for that to happen this year. Still, this is a player to know, especially if the injury bug hits in New England.
81 Kyle Williams 118 386 SF 9 16 Williams needs to show that he is healthy coming off of ACL surgery. If he is, then you have another horse in the race at receiver in Frisco.
82 Keenan Allen 72 235 SD 8 16 We’re not enormous fans. Allen is a good prospect and he could end up starting down the line, but he still needs some work and he needs to get healthy. 2013 is probably Allen’s year to break out if he does break out.
83 Jonathan Baldwin 78 271 KC 10 16 He may be a bit of a long-shot at this point. Baldwin was always risky in terms of his work ethic and attitude. For those who recall, he missed time as a rookie due to a broken hand suffered in a fight with teammate Thomas Jones. Jones is long gone, but Baldwin is still searching for his NFL game. He’s probably 50/50 at this point, but do not sleep on Baldwin’s upside. The man has mad talent and can make plays on the football due to his size and freakish leaping ability. If he starts coming on in camp, he could make for a very nice sleeper on draft day. His ceiling is way way higher than Donnie Avery, whom he’s battling for snaps. Baldwin is a player to monitor.
84 AJ Jenkins 74 239 SF 9 16 A.J. is a serious talent, but he struggled as a rookie in terms of picking up the new system and the speed of the NFL. He has a chance to steal the show if he can get up to speed. Camp will obviously be huge for him.
85 Braylon Edwards -- NYJ 10 16 He could move up or down depending on how the depth chart shakes out. Edwards has been hurt the last few years, but he’s still a big talent if he’s 100%.
86 Donnie Avery 81 280 KC 10 17 It’s hard to imagine Avery being worth more than he was last year when he was heavily targeted by Andrew Luck. He’ll be a bye week fill-in type if he is starting. I’d rather see KC give Jon Baldwin a chance.
87 Santonio Holmes 66 202 NYJ 10 17 Oh who knows. Santonio is apparently still struggling with his lisfranc injury. He could easily become a prominent receiver again, but betting on him to pick it up in September may be too much to ask. He’s a nice late round sleeper in bigger leagues and he’s a potentially savvy dynasty add as he could land on a better team in 2014. Just don’t over pay for Tone. There is just far too much risk.
88 Jacoby Ford 68 206 OAK 7 17 It makes sense that folks have given up on Ford given the injuries he’s had, but he is still an exceptional talent when healthy. I’d add him in deeper redrafts just for his potential.
89 Andre Roberts 70 229 ARI 9 17 The key for Andre is the Cardinals’ offense. If they click, he will get plenty of chances. He’ll also get plenty of action if Michael Floyd is a flop, but we are betting on Floyd due to his immense talent. Roberts can get open easily and get a lot of easy yardage underneath as long as Carson Palmer adapts well to Bruce Arians’ system (likely) and stays healthy (a bit less likely.) Roberts may have more value in PPR formats. Arizona is a team to really watch in August. We’ll be all over it for you.
90 Ricardo Lockette 119 387 SF 9 17 Ricardo is the long-shot of the trio attempting to fill Michael Crabtree’s (injured) shoes, but do not just assume that he won’t win the job. Lockette is a player we liked a lot when he came out back in 2011. Check out the article linked at the bottom of the page on the 49ers post-Crabtree. Ricardo has size, speed and he plays hard. He could really surprise some people in 2013 if things break right for him.
91 Aaron Mellette -- BAL 8 18 Mellette is a very interesting prospect. There’s opportunity in Baltimore for a big receiver and Aaron was seriously productive at Elon in D-1AA. I suspect that, if he does much as a rookie, it will be as the season wears on. Mellette is a fine long term and dynasty option.
92 Dom Hixon 113 375 CAR 4 18 Hixon, when healthy, is a VERY fundamentally sound receiver capable of making big plays. He runs outstanding routes and has good hands. He’s had several major injuries, so he’s best used as a 3rd receiver. He could be a guy to add at some point and could help you during the byes in 12-team leagues. Most of all, Hixon could really help Cam Newton by giving him one more sticky pair of hands on 3rd downs.
93 Marvin Jones 107 350 CIN 12 18 A very fluid athlete with good receiver skills, Jones is the guy we’d like to see opposite A.J. Green. He has the potential to do it all if he can continue to develop, but Mohamed Sanu is a legitimate talent in his own right.
94 Nate Washington 108 351 TEN 8 18 He can play, but he seems to be on the roster bubble due to his salary and smaller role in the offense. Washington can do a lot of good things, but he needs the snaps. Jake Locker is no help. If they do cut Washington and he ended up on a team like Detroit ... that could be good. He’d gain significant value.
95 Travis Benjamin -- CLE 10 18 Benjamin could get some extra snaps early with the suspension of Josh Gordon. We like Benjamin’s talent.
96 Brandon Gibson 115 378 MIA 6 18 Gibson has a contract and that will get him a chance to play, but we don’t love his potential. He could end up being beat out by some of the Dolphins younger talent.
97 Santana Moss 71 230 WAS 5 18 He’s still a very good player, but he will play the same limited role he excelled in last year. He will make a decent bye week fill-in, but not a regular starter outside of 16-team leagues. Moss may not help fantasy owners much directly, but he is a key component for RGIII in terms of extending drives ... and extending drives leads to more stats for all.
98 Da’Rick Rogers 97 316 BUF 12 19 We love his ability for a UDFA. He’ll make the Bills if he keeps his head on straight and works hard. I’d say there’s decent chance of that happening. Rogers is a nice buy in long term leagues and dynasty. Even if he gets cut, he could make it some place else.
99 Davone Bess 111 362 CLE 10 19 Another player who could get off to a fast start due to Josh Gordon’s off-field woes. Bess was brought in by the new regime, so he’ll get some chances.
100 Clyde Gates -- NYJ 10 19 Gates was a very raw talent coming out of Abilene Christian in 2011. His growth curve was not unexpected, but keep an eye on Clyde this year. He could earn a role in Marty Mornhinweg’s offense and the Jets do not have a terribly crowded depth chart. Gates is a tenacious kid and he can absolutely fly. I like adding Gates in dynasty leagues if he is around late.
101 Justin Hunter 76 247 TEN 8 19 Hard to see him having a big rookie year, but he has training camp to impress the coaches. More likely, he’ll fight for snaps as a rookie, but his physical gifts are outstanding. If Kenny Britt gets hurt again, Hunter could be interesting.
102 Dexter McCluster 82 283 KC 10 19 Dexter could play a bigger role this year, but he could also get lost in the shuffle as he often does. Still a gimmick until proven otherwise.
103 Jeremy Kerley 85 290 NYJ 10 19 He has ability and if the Jets can ever throw the ball, he could be a valuable slot guy. I like that the Jets brought in Marty Mornhinweg to run the offense, but a quick fix is 50/50 at best.
104 Damaris Johnson -- PHI 12 20 He’s an exciting player, but we see him as the backup plan on DeSean Jackson. It’s hard to imagine Chip Kelly opting top play two tiny receiver together, so we don’t see Johnson as an option to replace Jeremy Maclin. Now, if Jackson gets hurt, that’s another story.
105 Nate Burleson 101 332 DET 9 20 He needs to show that he is ready to play. If he does, he could have some flex appeal.
106 Armanti Edwards -- CAR 4 20 Edwards had a lot to learn when he first entered the league, but learn he has. There is a roster crunch in Carolina at receiver. Edwards needs a good camp. I have a sense that he may be up to the challenge and that this will be the year he begins his climb. He’s an interesting sleeper in dynasty formats. He could one day be a starter with Cam Newton as his QB. After Steve Smith, Brandon LaFell and Dom Hixon, Edwards is probably the best receiver on the roster. Keep an eye on him this year. He could be a breakout candidate in 2014.
107 TJ Graham 109 353 BUF 12 21 Definitely a player who could emerge, but Buffalo is way deep at receiver these days. A good camp would help Graham a lot, so keep an eye on him.
108 Kevin Ogletree 88 297 TB 5 21 He’s got some ability and, right now, he looks like a very strong candidate for a major role as the 3rd option on a team with no legit tight end. He could end up playing a lot of snaps and have some solid deep league appeal.
109 Keshawn Martin 105 343 HOU 8 21 He should settle in the slot and we love his ability there. This kid can play and he could have some flex value down the road. Keep an eye on Keshawn.
110 Jerome Simpson 110 360 MIN 5 21 Don’t forget about Simpson after his truly forgettable 2012 campaign. I get the temptation, but he was suspended early on and injured throughout most of the rest of the year. With more weapons in the Minny offense, Simpson could be the big-play treat they originally envisioned when they brought him in last season. He’s playing on a one-year deal, so motivation should be sky high. The rub I see is that Simpson’s vertical skill-set is not a great mesh with starting QB Christian Ponder. Still, things are far better aligned for Simpson this year. He could end up making some play and could end up with a better fit next year if he hits the open market healthy. I like him as a deep stash in certain formats. Simpson might be a long shot in 12-team formats, but he’s still a talented guy and he may end up with a good role as they plan to use Patterson a lot in the slot.
111 Ace Sanders 90 298 JAC 9 21 I love this kid. He’s unlikely to be a major fantasy contributor due to his size, but we like him a shade more than we liked Dexter McCluster a few years ago. The reason for this is that he is already a natural slot receiver. There’s no adjustment positionally for Ace. All he needs to do is adjust to the next level, but with his hands and quickness, the NFL will need to do some adjusting too. One thing I’ll say for sure is that, with Sanders, Cecil Shorts and Denard Robinson, the Jags have some very talented and disruptive players with outstanding versatility. Jacksonville may surprise some folks this year offensively.
112 Nick Toon 84 288 NO 7 21 Could earn a big role if he is over his injuries and if he can outplay some talented competition this summer in camp. Toon has a nice skill-set, but so does Kenny Stills and Joseph Morgan. And don’t fully count out Az-Hakim’s little brother Saalim Hakim.
113 Tiquan Underwood -- TB 5 21 He’s still got a shot at the 3rd receiver job though he’ll face a battle from Kevin Ogletree who was signed from Dallas. Underwood has tied to HC Greg Schiano from his days as a Scarlett Knight, so he’s a guy who will get chances and he could be a significant player in deeper leagues if there are injuries ahead of him on the depth chart.
114 Brandon Lloyd 67 205 FA 0 22 If he lands in the right spot, he could have some value. He was a medium fit for New England, but he could help a lot of teams.
115 Earl Bennett 116 380 CHI 8 22 Bennett should be the 3rd receiver and he’s got trust with Cutler that goes back to their days and Vanderbilt. He’s for deep PPR leagues at this point.
116 Arrelious Benn -- PHI 12 22 Keep an eye on Benn. They went out and got him, so they obviously like athleticism. Benn hasn’t been awful as a pro. He was making some strides and was derailed by an ACL. He should be all the way back this year. He’s a sleeper in Chip Kelly’s system and Kelly has no loyalty to the receivers already on the roster.
117 Jason Avant 89 297 PHI 12 22 He’s a great 3rd down possession receiver, but it’s hard to see him being any more than that at this point.
118 Jarius Wright 103 339 MIN 5 22 Jarius is a legit sleeper entering his 2nd year. A legit deep threat and playmaker, he could end up surprising people if he can get head of Jerome Simpson on the depth chart. He’s a solid add in deep dynasty formats as a flier.
119 Kenbrell Thompkins -- NE 10 22 A priority UDFA, Thompkins has a solid offseason and will get a long look in camp. Thompkins is a player to watch for a team that could use a new weapon. He’s a somewhat raw JUCO kid who had some flashed at Cincinnati last year. It’s hard to envision Thompkins doing much in 2013, but he could have a future if he can stick and learn the system.
120 Brice Butler -- OAK 7 22 Butler was one of our guys before the draft. He’s a guy who sort of fell through the cracks at USC but he has serious ability and Oakland needs a good red zone receiver. Don’t let Butler’s lack of buzz fool you. This kid can play. He’s a very nice mid-to-late round add in dynasty leagues. Redraft value is a bit of a long-shot, but we’ll keep an eye on him in camp.
121 Terrance Williams 93 305 DAL 11 22 Hard to tell what kind of impact he’ll have as a rookie, but we love the pick for Dallas. He’ll be fighting for time as the 3rd receiver. In time, Williams could do big things.
122 Michael Crabtree 59 173 SF 9 22 He’s a long-shot for value in weeks 1-16 and that’s fantasy reality. He’s a savvy add if he gets dropped in a long term format or if you are in year-one of a dynasty or keeper league. For redrafts, he is viable only in the deepest of leagues where you can stash multiple players.
123 Stedman Bailey 98 322 STL 11 22 He’s way back on the depth chart and the guys ahead of him can play. That said, in dynasty leagues, I am looking to add him. It’s hard to see him having much redraft value. A very nice talent though and a guy to watch. The Rams probably need to make a trade at some point. Perhaps next offseason.
124 Tommy Streeter 106 345 BAL 8 23 Streeter is a player to watch this year. There’s an opening on the outside where Anquan Boldin used to play. The Ravens can play Jacoby Jones there, but they’d rather keep him in his role from 2012. Streeter needs a big camp to make a move.
125 LaVon Brazill 99 324 IND 8 23 I like Brazill. He’s a good tough kid who can run and jump and make plays on the football. He looked good in limited time as a rookie and will compete for snaps this year with Darrius Heyward-Bey. He could easily beat DHB out, so keep an eye on him. The rub, as you probably know, is Brazill’s 4-game suspension for substance abuse. That just about takes him off of the redraft radar, but he is still a player to watch, especially if DHB struggles. In dynasty and long term, he’s a nice flier late in drafts.
126 Harry Douglas 121 410 ATL 6 23 Established as the 3rd receiver, but it’s not a role that gives him much fantasy punch.
127 Conner Vernon -- OAK 7 23 Is he quick enough? We knew he lacked speed, but if he is sudden enough, he could be a good slot option. He’ll be battling with long-shot and Rotobahn fave Sammy McGuffie for a job. Both players are very unique talents and we could see either of them making an impact at some point. Vernon’s routes are outstanding and his hands are even better.
128 Austin Pettis 83 285 STL 11 23 Pettis is a very underrated player. He’ll always play hard and he’ll make tough catches in traffic. The depth chart in St. Louis is deep and talented, so a major consistent role is hard to envision, but should injuries happen and he’s thrust into regular action, he could do quite well.
129 Joe Adams 92 303 CAR 4 23 Carolina needs play-makers and Adams has great ability with the rock in his hands. He could become a factor if he matures.
130 Tavarres King 122 412 DEN 9 24 King is a guy to know about because he has the inside track on the 4th receiving job in Denver. That means he’s an injury away from being one of Peyton Manning’s receivers. With his deep speed and athleticism, King could be an interesting player if the Broncos don’t bring in another vet or recall Brandon Stokley from the minors.
131 Saalim Hakim -- NO 7 24 The younger brother of The Wizard of Az (Az-Zahir Hakim) can absolutely fly and he’s a developmental player for Brees and Payton. He’s a guy to watch for sure. He could have a role as a deep threat and if they can teach him a few tricks, who knows. Keep an eye on this kid.
132 Mohamed Massaquoi -- JAC 9 24 A decent player with little upside, but he could play some while Blackmon is out the first four weeks.
133 Josh Morgan -- WAS 5 24 If he retains his starting slot, I’ll bump him up. Morgan is an underrated receiver, but nothing special. It’s his blocking prowess that keeps his snap total so high. If the younger receivers develop and if Pierre Garcon stays healthy, Morgan should see a sharp snap decline, but those things are not guarantees. Morgan could still be relevant in really big formats.
134 Mario Manningham 100 330 SF 9 25 He’s a guy to watch if he can prove he is healthy. He could move up quite a bit if he is 100% or close to it when camp rolls around, but there are a lot of guys with talent in Frisco these days.
135 Alan Bonner -- HOU 8 25 He’s more of a long term talent, but we like him a lot as you’ll find when you read my rookie only rankings. Bonner is a playmaker with a future. The Texans have a very nice young receiving corp. This is a good team to play QB for and that’s not going to change.
136 Robert Meachem 96 315 SD 8 25 Meachem has talent, but we don’t see him having much value in this crowded depth chart. SD needs to deal a receiver for an offensive lineman in the worst way.
137 Corey Fuller 123 415 DET 9 25 Fuller is a bit of a developmental player, but since Detroit has an acute need at receiver, he might be given a chance to contribute as a rookie. Fuller is a track star with 4.4 speed to go with a 6”2’ frame. He’s a player to watch in preseason.
138 Lestar Jean -- HOU 8 25 He’s a big talented kid who may be able to develop in this system. Unless Andre Johnson goes down, Jean won’t have much 2013 value.
139 Deion Branch -- FA 0 25 If he gets resigned by New England, he could end up being a factor in deeper redraft leagues.
140 Tandon Doss 87 292 BAL 8 25 They like him and he’s been in the system for going on three years. He should have his best season to date and would be an interesting player if he wins the starting job. It’s low probability, but you never know.
141 Marquess Wilson 120 396 CHI 8 25 Wilson has some game and we like his chances of developing over time if he can hang on the roster this year. He’s got two very talented guys ahead of him at this point, so there is no need for the Bears to rush him. Wilson had some disciplinary issues at Washington State, but he was Jeff Tuel’s best target and he definitely flashed NFL ability. This kid is a nice deep flier in dynasty leagues.
142 Jerricho Cotchery -- PIT 5 26 If rookie Markus Wheaton plays well from the get go, Cotch may be a little used option, but if Wheaton has a typical rookie curve, Cotch may see an uptick in snaps. Jerricho can still play and that’s the thing to know if he ever gets into the lineup for whatever reason.
143 Juron Criner 112 364 OAK 7 26 There are a lot of guys in Oakland vying for time, but don’t forget Criner, who has some nice ability. He could be the big receiver they need if he can keep developing. The kid definitely has NFL ability. Still probably a year away, but keep an eye on him.
144 Plaxico Burress -- PIT 5 26 He’s a red zone option and not much more unless there are a few injuries. No fantasy value outside of monstrous leagues.
145 Charles Johnson -- GB 4 26 With James Jones in the last year of his deal and with Jordy Nelson’s contract expiring after the 2014 season, it might be time to start looking at where the next Green Bay starter might come from. Johnson has a serious chance to excel if he can develop this season. He’s a good athlete with outstanding speed and good speed. He played his college ball at Grand Valley State. I’m looking to add this kid in dynasty leagues and long term formats. He could hit big as soon as 2014. Definitely a guy to watch in camp this year.
146 David Nelson -- CLE 10 26 Not sure if they have a role for him, but he could be good in that offense and there will be some early opportunity with the Gordon suspension.
147 Tyler Shaw -- ARI 9 26 If you’ve heard of him, take a bow. We are very high on this kid and will be talking about him if he makes the team. Shaw comes from little-known Northwest Missouri State. Shaw is a tough ball carrier with good hands and serious speed. We like him in big dynasty formats as a potential late-round steal.
148 Devery Henderson -- WAS 5 26 Hey, you never know. He’s a decent fit as a deep threat for a QB who can give his receiver time to get there. Probably just a situational player, but after Garcon, there are no studs in Washington’s receiving group.
149 Rishard Matthews -- MIA 6 26 He has ability and some upside in the new Miami offense. He’ll be behind Hartline for now and Gibson has the slot role, but in time, Matthews could emerge. A player to watch.
150 Laurent Robinson -- FA 0 26 He’s likely done after four concussions last year, but he is a very good player and he could help a team like New England or SF in the short term. He’s worth monitoring for now.
151 Austin Collie -- FA 0 26 Head injuries have most likely ruined his career, but he’s trying to play and he could have some value if he goes to the right team.
152 Sam McGuffie -- OAK 7 26 He’s got a roster fight on his hands, but we really like this kid as you’ll see when we release our rookie rankings in the coming days. Check out the scouting report on Sam linked at the bottom of the page. All this kid needs is a chance.
153 Lavelle Hawkins -- NE 10 26 You never know. I’ve always liked Hawkins and if he lands a role with Tom Brady’s offense, he could do well. Like all Pats receivers, Hawkins is a player to watch this August.
154 Kris Durham -- DET 9 26 He’s a big target with phenomenal hands. If there are injuries again, he could emerge. It’s worth noting that Durham was Matt Stafford’s college roommate. If he does start getting time, there is a trust with the QB that might lead to targets and Durham is a red zone option. This is a player worth knowing about.
155 Kevin Dorsey -- GB 4 27 He’s a Packer, so he matters. Dorsey is a name to know if there are injuries in Green Bay. We’re bigger fans of Green Bay’s other rookie, Charles Johnson, but Dorsey could end up being a player himself.
156 DeVier Posey -- HOU 8 27 He may start out on the PUP list, but he’s got a lot of talent, so he’s a guy to watch, especially if DeAndre Hopkins struggles, though I tend to doubt he does. Posey could be the guy who takes over for Andre2000 in a few years. He’s still a guy to know about if you play in deeper or long term leagues.
157 Jerrell Jernigan -- NYG 9 28 We’re sticking with our scouting report on this kid. If there are injuries in NY, Jernigan could emerge as a valuable slot option with Cruz playing outside. He’s not draftable, but he’s a good young player who could do good things if given the chance.
158 David Gettis -- CAR 4 28 He flashed some solid skills before his ACL and he should be all the way back. He’s worth watching in camp.



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