Fresh 2014 Cheat Sheets

Fresh 2014 Cheat Sheets

Newly styled cheat sheets (updated 9/2 at 7pm)
By: Pete Davidson : August 24, 2014 11:29am

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I’ve upgraded the cheat sheets a bit and they are all uploaded and ready to fly for those who wish to download. They are not dramatically different from what’s been up earlier, but I like this style a bit better. Our sheets are meant to be clear, intuitive and easy to use. Choosing between position categories should be easy if you use the universal rank as a value guide.  Our rankings are based on 12-team formats with standard scoring.  

I’ve reduced the font so I could add more players. I heard you 14-team and 16-team leaguers loud and clear. This sheet should handle most any sized draft with room to spare, but for those seeking more, just go to The Rotobahn 500 and download the master list.

In addition to adding players, I’ve done some color coding just to give you a feel for where you are in the various position groups.

The top 14 quarterbacks are shaded lighter than the rest. Then there’s a shade change at the next big drop off. The RB1s are all lightly shaded to remind you when they run out and where. The RB2s also have their own shade. I’ve shaded some key drop-offs in the receivers too. There are three shades to the tight ends and the defenses are also separated to give you a feel for changing value.

Obviously, the overall rankings are there to guide you, but I thought these alterations added some helpful dimension. I use these sheets too, and I like it. If you want to add or change anything, just download in Numbers or Excel and get to work! We like GMs who bring some of their own opinions to the table. We know there’s more than one way to draft.

Our sheets are available in three formats.

  • PDF - Print and go
  • Excel - Adjustable PC spread sheet
  • Numbers - Adjustable Mac spread sheet

Take the one that suits you best.