2014 Pre-Draft Rookie Quarterback Rankings

2014 Pre-Draft Rookie Quarterback Rankings

Draft Day!
By: Pete Davidson : May 08, 2014 8:34am

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Welcome to the pre-draft quarterback rankings. This list is really our take on talent and total value. These rankings will get a major re-sorting after the draft when we see who landed in favorable locations and who got the short end of things.

This quarterback class has been beaten up pretty good in the media and I have to say, I just don’t get it. There may not be a perfect prototypical option like Andrew Luck, but this is a quality class that will produce some very solid NFL starters. Go back to 2009. Now that was a bad QB class and 2010 was pretty weak too. We think this year’s group blows those classes away. Classes like 2012 don’t come along that often and using that class as a bench mark is a good way to lose one’s perspective.

I’ll have all the pre-draft rankings posted by the time the draft starts tonight, and we’ll have our initial rookie rankings for dynasty and long terms leagues posted next week.

Click the players's name for his full scouting report and you will find all their Combine data, well-sorted, here at Draft Breakdown.


1 - Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M

Johnny Football is one of the few game-ready quarterbacks in the draft and he’s got the most upside because of his special vision. It’s a neck-up position, and Manziel is outstanding from the neck up.  Obviously we like his other attributes too, such as quickness, arm talent and competitiveness just to name a few.

2 -  Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville

One of the other game-ready options. We’re shocked at all the negativity surrounding this player. We remain very high on Teddy.

3 - Derek Carr, Fresno State

Perhaps this is a surprise to some, but Carr has the total package. he’s big enough by typical standards, he has good agility and mobility, plus he has as much arm talent as anybody in this draft.

4 - Blake Bortles, UCF

We’re not as high on Bortles as a lot of places, but we do like him and view him as a round one talent. If his issues with footwork and accuracy can improve, he has a bright future.

5 - Tom Savage, Pittsburgh

His tape is excellent and, like with Bortles, his ceiling is very high if he can iron out a few kinks. Savage is the best classic pocket passer available who isn’t coming off of a major injury.

6 - Jimmy Garappolo, Eastern Illinois

Ideally, he is a player that gets some time to develop, but we really like Jimmy’s upside due to his good reads and quick release.

7 - AJ McCarron, Alabama

We are very high on the Alabama star. He’s game-ready and is only limited by his average mobility and average arm. Give him some protection and some open receivers and he’ll be just fine.

8 - Zach Mettenberger, LSU

He’s risky with knee issues, back issues and a somewhat checkered past, but he’s also got a cannon arm and some very good game film. If this guy gets healthy, he could be good at the next level.

9 - Aaron Murray, Georgia

The last of what we’d call the likely bets. We have no doubt about Aaron Murray’s capabilities. He just needs to get his knee fully healthy. He could be a mid-round steal.

10 - Stephen Morris, Miami (Fla.)

Morris is the first of the projects and we think he could be very good in a year or two with some good coaching and a good situation

11 - David Fales, San Jose State

Fales is another project with merit. We like his touch and his ability to get through his reads, but we see significant issue with his footwork that are affecting his accuracy and consistency. We think he’s NFL caliber, but not game-ready. We’ll have a full scouting report on Fales posted at some point.

12 - Tajh Boyd, Clemson

Boyd is a capable quarterback, but he needs a lot of work if he’s going to excel in the NFL. He’s certainly worth a late round pick.

13 - Dustin Vaughan, West Texas A&M

Vaughan comes from a small program, but we really like his long term upside. He has some footwork issues to clear up, but we like what we see on film and he has a prototypical build and a pro arm ... to put it mildly.

14 - Brett Smith, Wyoming

This kids doesn’t get enough love, but he’s a guy that could really do well in time with some good coaching. He’s a tough kid and a leader and he’ll make the big play with both his arm and his feet. We’ll have a scouting report on Smith in the not too distant future.

15 - Logan Thomas, Virginia Tech

A serious project, but one with merit. Thomas has massive hands and struggles with his release and release point, but he’s a rough gem that could be very good given time and proper development. Where he goes is key. And, for what it’s worth, we see him as a QB.

16 - Keith Wenning, Ball State

One of our favorite long shots, because he’s such a smart committed player. Wenning has a big body and has some issues with weight, but if he can continue to improve his body and his total game, he should have an NFL future.