An Early Look at the Week 7 Waiver Wire

An Early Look at the Week 7 Waiver Wire

Full Wire coming tomorrow as always
By: Pete Davidson : October 15, 2013 3:28am

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Here’s an early look at the Week 7 waiver wire.  I’l be back tomorrow with a lot more players and information, but it’s been a slow day and I know a lot of people will be scrambling this week with all the Week 6 injuries and all the bye losses we have to deal with over the next few weeks.  No more two teams on the bye, folks.  It’s game time.


I’ll also be updating the Watch List on Wednesday and I’ll be posting some more trade targets as well.  I’ll be setting up a Free Gent Chat again tomorrow as I did last week, so ask questions if you have any.  We’re here for you.




Jay Cutler, Bears


You can still get him in 24% of Yahoo leagues and he’s looking more and more like a weekly starting option, even in smaller leagues. The new coaching staff has really improved things in Chicago and the personnel has been upgraded as well.


Andy Dalton, Bengals


He’s available in 40% of Yahoo leagues and he can be a strong play when the matchup is right. Dalton’s weapons are all young and improving and that includes rookies Gio Bernard and Tyler Eifert.


Terrelle Pryor, Raiders


You can still get him 63% of Yahoo leagues and he can be your starter on most weeks if need be because he gives you extra points with his feet and he has underrated weapons around him.


Sam Bradford, Rams


He’s got a lot of good receivers to work with and the running game has been stabilized in recent weeks by our guy Zac Stacy. Bradford can help you when the matchup is right and you can still get him in 51% of Yahoo leagues.





Zac Stacy, Rams


He’s still available in 61% of Yahoo leagues and that’s a joke. Stacy has the gig in St. Louis and he should have had it all along. He can help you as a bye week starter as or as a strong RB3 or flex. Check out Zac here in our pre-draft scouting report, if you've never seen him run. 



Andre Ellington, Cardinals


Ellington was one of my favorite backs in the 2013 draft class and he’s really lived up to expectations. Allow me to straighten out some of the misconceptions about Ellington. During last week’s broadcast of the Cardinals/49ers game, the announcers para-quoted Arizona HC Bruce Arians as saying that “if he was 10 pounds bigger, he’d be another Sproles.”  This quote has been repeated in a few places since.  Folks, if Ellington was tens pounds bigger, he’d then be 19 pounds heavier than Sproles.  He’s currently nine pounds heavier.  There’s further speculation that Arians’ doesn’t view Ellington as an every down back.  This is all nonsense and Arians has said so directly.  Ellington may continue to split time with Rashard Mendenhall, but it won’t be because he needs to gain weight or because the HC doesn’t see him as a full-time back.  It’s because they are bringing him along at a steady pace--possibly due to Ellington’s health woes last off-season.  Ellington is available in 64% of Yahoo leagues and that should change this week after he performed so well in Week 6 against San Francisco.


Brandon Jacobs, Giants


I’m hesitant to go too crazy over one game, but Jacobs’ Week 6 performance was certainly noteworthy. It was a true turn-back-the-clock outing for the 31-year old tailback.  He may not have the staying power that Ellington and Stacy bring to the table, but he’s hot right now and he should be a big factor for at least the next two weeks unless David Wilson gets some really good medical news. Jacobs can start for you in any format this week versus the Vikings and next week at the Eagles. 


Shane Vereen, Patriots


It’s getting close to that time. Vereen will be back for Week 11 and we’d expect him to hit the ground running. If you are looking for some running back depth to take you through the entire sixteen week season, Vereen can absolutely help you and he is available in 68% of Yahoo leagues. If you are a good team, you should find a way to roster this guy as soon as possible.  He’ll have RB2 upside as soon as he gets back and he’s worth even more in PPR scoring.


Chris Ivory, Jets


His work load will continue to grow if he can stay healthy in the coming weeks. He’s not a bad guy to add if you need some upside at the position. The Jets are blocking the run very well right now and Mike Goodson is done for the year with an ACL.  That leaves things to Ivory and Bilal Powell in the Jets’ backfield. The former Saint is available in 78% of Yahoo leagues.





Justin Blackmon, Jaguars


Despite my begging and pleading, this guy can still be had in one out of five Yahoo leagues. Make sure he is taken in yours and make a claim if he’s not. He’s really come back strong.


Michael Floyd, Cardinals


You can still land him in 41% of Yahoo leagues.  Floyd finally broke through and found the zone against the 49ers and I think he’ll become a regular TD guy going forward. Add him in any league where he’s available.


Rueben Randle, Giants


Randle can help you get through the bye weeks and he’s available in 49% of Yahoo leagues.  He gives you solid performances on most weeks, plus you get a nice lottery ticket in the event that Hakeem Nicks gets traded in the coming days as rumors suggest he might. It makes plenty of sense for all involved when you consider the Giants won-loss record.


Percy Harvin, Seahawks


You need a roster spot that can be dead for a few weeks, but it sounds as if Harvin may be back sooner than expected if you listen to Pete Carroll.  Harvin would be a weekly starter as soon as he’s starting for Seattle, so the time to add him is now in all leagues that give you some bench space to play with.


Terrance Williams, Cowboys


We like Williams as we said in our rookie rankings this summer, but we had him targeted for a 2014 fantasy arrival.  The recent injury to Miles Austin may have sped up the timeline and I’d consider adding Williams if you have a bench spot to play with. The kid has the talent as we knew and now he’s forcing his way onto the field. You can still get him in 57% of Yahoo leagues.


Keenan Allen, Chargers


Like with Williams, we had Keenan Allen pegged as a 2014 breakout guy. Well, after season-ending injuries to Danario Alexander and Malcom Floyd, Allen’s time has arrived a little early. He has a chance to give you WR3 value on most weeks and he can be had in 68% of Yahoo leagues.


Harry Douglas, Falcons


He’s been around for a few years now and we’ve always said that he’d be a solid guy if he got more looks. Well, with Julio Jones’ season-ending injury, he’ll get just that. Douglas should end up having some value in smaller leagues and will certainly have weekly value in larger formats. He’s still available in 64% of Yahoo leagues.





Heath Miller, Steelers


You can still get him in 51% of leagues and he’s up to his old tricks with Ben Roethlisberger. Miller looked all systems go last week against the Jets.  He can help you in any format.


Jeff Cumberland, Jets


He’s looking better every week and he even scratched out a few nice grabs against a Steelers defense that is always brutal on tight ends. Cumberland in available in 96% of Yahoo leagues.


Jordan Reed, Redskins


He’s available in 91% of Yahoo leagues and he has legitimate upside if he can stay healthy. He’s already the lead tight end in the passing game for Washington and he’ll get plenty of red zone looks once they get things ironed out with the offense.