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2018 QB Rankings (updated 8-30)

Quarterback drafting should be easy in 2018.  It shouldn’t be a source of fantasy football stress.  Seriously, there’s plenty of things to worry about when trying to construct a fantasy winner this year, so don’t create more of them for no good reason.  

As I have said every year since we opened back in 2010, let other people create poor rosters by overspending on the deepest position, which has never been deeper than it is right now.  This goes double and triple for those of you in smaller leagues.  I’m not sure what the actual psychology is in terms of why drafters feel compelled to reach for QBs.  Maybe it’s because they have heard, over and over, that it’s the most important position.  It is, of course, but not in fantasy.  Maybe it’s because, for the more casual fans, QBs are the guys they know best, so there’s comfort in starting that way.

The bottom line is this, unless we are talking about a 2QB/SF format, you are injuring yourself by taking a QB in the early rounds.  Plain and simple.

“But I do it every year and I still win.”

If that’s what you were thinking, you probably, no, definitely, play in a fish league.  Good for you, but many of us have tougher roads to hoe—roads littered with potholes and ice patches.  We need to do everything we can do increase our odds of victory.

So you’re saying that quarterback is unimportant?  No, I’m saying that there are many ways to “win” at the position in fantasy and only one real way to lose, and the way to lose is to overpay—costing yourself stud talent at the harder to fill positions.

For those in 2QB type formats, you’ll have to know your league and how the runs tend to go.  I still council waiting to some extent in smaller formats, but there’s no doubt you’ll have to approach the position more aggressively.  That is particularly true if you are drafting at a polar draft spot (near or at the end of a round) where the long wait could shut you out.

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