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2018 WR Rankings (updated 8/30)

The receiver rankings are here and I will be updating like crazy throughout the preseason.  By next week I’ll have the top 100 options posted with blurbs for most of them.  Today I have the top 80, but they get looser as you get deeper into the ranks.  The guys listed after 50 are fluid for sure.  Receiver is insanely deep and there will be A LOT of free agent shuffling once the season begins.  My draft plan will take that into account as always.  What we’re seeking in our seasonal drafts are upside options—players who could become fixtures in your lineups.  Roster cloggers who will never help you do more than survive a bye week are less desirable—even if they may ultimately score more points.  We’re aiming for league titles, not “respectable finishes.”

These ranks will e updated early next week.  Most likely on Monday.  Look for my Tiered WR Rankings, coming soon over WEEI.COM.

It’s great to be back.  Welcome home!

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These rankings are based on .5 PPR scoring.