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2019 Pre-Draft QB Rankings

The quarterback position is seeing a bit of a resurgence in fantasy football these days due to the continuing emergence of 2QB and Superflex formats.  While I am not big a Superflex devotee I do enjoy the format and I won a few 2QB expert leagues in 2018.   I want to make a run at repeating if I can.  So you know I care about what I’m writing in this space.

This year’s quarterback class is an unusual one for sure.  I mean, most people have a QB1 who is just a sliver over 5 foot ten.  That man, Kyler Murray, is my QB1 as well, and my QB2 is a guy with only a single season as a starter,—which is also the case with Murray, by the way.  So my top two quarterbacks have attempted a combined collegiate 1,109 passes.  For perspective, Baker Mayfield attempted 1,497 by himself.  Daniel Jones, my QB4 attempted 1,275 over the last three seasons at Duke.  Yes, this is an unusual board, but it’s where the tape has brought us, so let’s get into it.

And, remember, these rankings and tiers were made with fantasy football in mind.  My real NFL draft grades would be a bit different. I may add a few more quarterbacks on Thursday if I have enough time.

I’ll be back tomorrow early in the day with the wide receivers.