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2019 Pre-Draft RB Rankings

Running backs.  Do they matter?  Of course they do, but there’s a reality that people forget to think about.  No matter now much you like this class or a particular back, there are finite jobs available in the NFL.  For example, if not for Derrius Guice’s ACL injury last year, Adrian Peterson may not have played.  It’s tough out there for a RB.

It’s not that running backs don’t matter.  It’s that it’s a buyer’s market.  Choosing the right back still matters and it will continue to matter.  More and more we’ll be talking about baks in terms of how they fit an offense not just how they fit the ground scheme.

It’s coming down to the wire and I want to get these ranks up in time for you good folks to take a gander.  I’ve written up as many as time permitted.  Some guys were written up in the combine rankings but not here.  I’ll add a few more blurbs on those guys tomorrow in advance of round two.  Who knows.  All these backs COULD still be on the board.

Hopefully I’ll see some of you online tonight!