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2019 Pre-Draft TE Rankings

Hey all!

I hope 2019 is treating you better than yours truly. My fantasy dreams have been on hold for a while now due to all the medical $#^&@! I’ve been going through, but the news today is positive. I’m on the mend. And so is the Rotobahn computer department (my Mac), after a brutal c-drive failure that cost me a great deal of film notes and a few scouting reports to boot.

The good news is that I’ve managed to put most of Humpty Dumpty (my rookie rankings/work) back together again. Thankfully, during all of my down time, I was able to watch a lot of film.

Don’t worry. I come to you well armed.

I’ll have the quarterbacks for you at some point tomorrow and the receivers should drop sometime on Tuesday or maybe early Wednesday. The RBs will drop on Wednesday. There will also be a few pods coming soon and some huge post-draft pods on landing spots and rankings/tiers adjustments as we head into our rookie drafts.

It’s all happening.

So without anymore windup, here are my rookie tight end ranks as we head into the draft. As I will say repeatedly throughout all these rankings, they are coming from a fantasy perspective.

To those folks celebrating Easter or Passover this weekend, I hope your holidays and time with family are wonderful. I’m off to see mine now. Enjoy!