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2019 Pre-Draft WR Rankings

And finally, the receivers.  

This year’s group is pretty insane in terms of its depth.  The 2019 receiver class casts a wide web—with players of almost any variety a team might want.  We have speed.  Oh have we got speed.  We also have plenty of big targets and more than a few who reside in both categories.  We love those guys.  As Pete Carroll said at the 2014 combine, “big fast guys are the fewest around.”

I’ve watched a lot of film over the past 16 weeks, and this class just keeps going and going.  The amount of time it took just to watch the film, was massive.  Coach and I spent countless ours on the phone picking each other’s brains and debating these receivers.  In the end, we both reached the same conclusion, this is a tightly packed group with several large tiers.  You may see a player you really like ranked outside the top ten.  I hear you.  I’m not sure if I have ever seen so much talent outside of my top 10 receivers before.  Not even in 2014.  The difference is that in 2014, we had several guys who looked like they had the kind of talent that lands you in Canton.  This class lacks that kind of high-end punch, but man oh man are there a lot of quality prospects.

These rankings, as hard as I’ve worked on them, are not the final product.  We need landing spots for that.  Additionally, it’s hugely important that you consider the depth of this receiver class when you map out your rookie draft strategies.

Here’s a truth that we can absolutely depend on.  There will be desirable receivers available into the 5th round of 12-team rookie drafts and most leagues don’t even have a fifth round.  So think about your picks on hand and think about your available roster space and then craft a draft plan that allows you to maximize your opportunities. 

In TE-premium formats and 2QB/Superflex formats you can go after those positions aggressively in the early rounds and still stock your shelves with some good receiving prospects later on.  We’ll be able to talk in more exacting terms once we have the landing spots and we know who got lucky and who got the whammy.

Now a word on the tiers—particularly the top two.  The players inside tier one and then tier two are so close that I can’t even explain the separation.  It’s just feel and in a few cases, a forced decision.  At one point I actually thought about not ranking within tiers, but it felt like a cop out.

In the end, the NFL will help us sort these guys out for dynasty value.  We’ll be able to see who is going to get chances as a rookie and who is stuck behind established veterans.  We’ll see who gets a quarterback and who gets Joe Flacco.  We’ll see who lands in schemes that fit their skill set and who looks like a square peg on a Monopoly board.  These rankings and comments are setting the stage for Thursday night.  After that, we’ll continue to synthesize all of the information we’ve accumulated and we’ll put our dynasty board together.

Running backs coming tomorrow!