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2019 Rotobahn Draft Plan

Welcome to the 2019 Rotobahn Draft Plan.  Glad you made it!  If you only have a few hours to prepare, my advice is to listen to this pod and to peruse the Rotobahn 500.  Then print out a PDF cheat sheet and go to battle.

I’ll be adding the stuff that didn’t fit tomorrow morning.  That will be the “tough decision points” or the elephants in the room if you will.

I’ll be doing a serious Rotobahn 500 & cheat sheet update today as well, and that will be done by about 4pm, well in advance of tonight’s drafts.

If you have a second, giving the pod a rating on your preferred platform helps out a lot.  Thanks in advance, folks.







From the top spot…..

From the 1.03…..


From the 1.05….


From 1.09…..



From the 1.12….