QB Rankings Week 4 (updated Saturday)

Posted September 27, 2018

Welcome to the Week 4 Quarterback Rankings! It’s the first of the bye weeks so a few of you may be looking for streamers. I’ll keep grinding these rankings up until my Saturday update, so check back if you are mulling a big decision.  Right now, my favorite streamers are Baker Mayfield and Case Keenum….

TE Rankings Week 3 (updated Saturday)

Posted September 20, 2018

Welcome to the Week 3 Tight End Rankings! It’s not a bad week for tight ends.  The position is pretty well stacked right now.  We have Hayden Hurst still out, and obviously we have the Greg Olsen injury, and Hunter Henry never left the station.  Though there are rumors that Henry could return late this…

RB Rankings Week 3 (updated Saturday)


Welcome to the Week 3 Running Back Rankings! It’s definitely rough out there for the runners.  There are some big names who are not playing and we have a few full blown committee situations as well. Once you stare at it for a while, you want to just close the spread sheet and have a…

WR Rankings Week 3 (updated Saturday)


Welcome to the Week 3 Wide Receiver Rankings! It’s a relatively full week as far as receivers go. No byes and not many injuries. Josh Gordon adds some drama to the Patriots receiving group and Antonio Brown added some to Pittsburgh’s with his late-game and early week behavior. That seems to be calming down though,…

QB Rankings Week 3 (updated Saturday)


Welcome to the Week 3 Quarterback Rankings! Finding a starter is no problem this week for the streamers. The passers are playable pretty deep into the player pool. In fact, it’s only the bottom three options that really make me want to lose my lunch. As far as options I really like a lot, we…

TE Rankings Week 2 (updated Saturday)

Posted September 13, 2018

Welcome to the Week 2 Tight End Rankings.  It’s started.  We lost Greg Olsen and Delanie Walker last week, which obviously sucks canal water for their fantasy GMs.  On the plus side, we do get to watch a few of the better young tight end prospects get their shot, and I am looking forward to watching both…

RB Rankings Week 2 (updated Saturday)


Welcome to the Week 2 Running Back Rankings.  The RBs are currently deep as all get out, but there’s an obvious catch.  The second tier RB2s are relatively weak because teams are playing so many backs.  We’ll be able to drill down on each backfield better as weeks go by.  You’ll probably notice that, once…

WR Rankings Week 2 (updated Saturday)


Welcome to the Week 2 Wide Receiver Rankings.  There is serious strength at the top this week.  I REALLY like the top 7 options, but they are priced accordingly on DraftKings so we’ll have some tough choices to sift through this weekend, for DFS purposes. So Dallas’ offense was off to put it mildly. They…

QB Rankings Week 2 (updated Saturday)


Welcome to the Week 2 QB Rankings.  This is a tougher week relative to Week 1 as we have some good options in tough matchups and we have a few injuries to deal with.  The most notable quarterback injury was Aaron Rodgers, who pulled a Willis Reed and came back after being carted off, and,…

TE Rankings Week 1 (updated Sunday)

Posted September 6, 2018

The tight end pool is deep and high-quality right now.  Let’s just hope it lasts as we’ve had some tough seasons lately as far as tight end injuries are concerned.  Granted, the Chargers have already lost Hunter Henry, so all is not perfect, but we certainly have quality depth right now.  I’m very comfy starting…