QB Rankings Week 8 (updated Saturday)

Posted October 25, 2018

Welcome to the Week 8 Quarterback Rankings! I just want to take a quick second to remind folks that these rankings get posted early in my weekly process.  I spend Monday and Tuesday largely looking back, as I put the Waiver Wire articles and podcast together.  On Wednesday, I start organizing the new week and…

TE Rankings Week 7 (updated Saturday)

Posted October 18, 2018

Welcome to the Week 7 Tight End Rankings! Tight end is a veritable party position this week. There are a few guys missing due to the bye, but we are getting guys like Olsen, Engram and OJ Howard (last week) back and that helps a lot. If you are streaming, there are good options. In…

RB Rankings Week 7 (updated Saturday)


Welcome to the Week 7 Running Back Rankings! There is a lot of strength at the top this week.  It’s really too bad that the best games are off the main slate again.  I love Barkley and Gurley this week and it’d be fun jamming them both into a Milly Maker lineup.  I’m definitely doing…

WR Rankings Week 7 (updated Saturday)


Welcome to the Week 7 Wide Receiver Rankings! The receivers are a bit light this week and it’s mostly due to the deepest bye cuts so far this season. You really feel it once you have four teams at rest. And we’d better get used to it, because it will be without 4 or 6…

QB Rankings Week 7 (updated Saturday)


Welcome to the Week 7 Quarterback Rankings! It’s a bit of a challenge to find a good quarterback this week if you are streaming in a 12-team league.  Both of tonight’s choices are bad, and with Big Ben, Russ, Rodgers and Carr all out, there are plenty of teams looking for an Week 7 option….

TE Rankings Week 6 (updated Saturday)

Posted October 11, 2018

Welcome to the Week 6 Tight End Rankings! No big bye losses this week which is good since the TE position has been ravaged by injury all year.  Tonight’s game in New York will feature tight ends on only one team.  The Giants will be without Evan Engram and his backup Rhett Ellison.  Garrett Dickerson…

RB Rankings Week 6 (updated Saturday)


Welcome to the Week 6 RB Rankings! Yikes.  It’s sort of ugly out there for running backs.  The Saints took two of the top 12 guys with them on their bye week.  We’re missing several more to injury and the NFL is throwing the ball a ton.  It’s tough sledding if you are searching for…

WR Rankings Week 6 (updated Saturday)


Welcome to the Week 6 WR Rankings! I chose Adam Thielen for the top spot in the rankings this week because he’s earned it and because I love the way this week’s matchup with Arizona sets up for him.  Welcome to the top spot, Adam!  Always cool to get a first timer up there.  Tonight’s…

QB Rankings Week 6 (updated Saturday)


Welcome to the Week 6 QB Rankings! I had two appointments this morning.  One with my optometrist and the other with my dentist.  Yeah, another rough Thursday.  Not to worry, the novocain (I hate the stuff so much) has worn off and I’m busy with rankings.  I should have everything thing posted by about 8pm. …

TE Rankings Week 5 (updated Saturday)

Posted October 4, 2018

Welcome to the Week 5 TE Rankings! It’s tough out there for tight ends.  We lose a few options on the bye with Tampa and Chicago.  We’re also down Greg Olsen, Evan Engram and Jack Doyle and we know about Hunter Henry.  Tyler Eifert’s story was fun while it lasted, but that’s over.  The position…