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Fantasy Highland Episode 1 with Scott Fish

Welcome back, everybody!  We have a new program for you today.

Fantasy Highland will join two of my passions, football and whisky, into what is, hopefully, a palatable listening experience.

Each episode, I, and hopefully a guest, will talk about a new whisky or two and get into some football and or fantasy football.  If the timing is right, hopefully you can enjoy a dram with us while you listen.

Today’s guest is the venerable Scott Fish.  Scott is my favorite commissioner.  I’ve played in more than a few of his leagues and there is nobody I trust more to dispense league lading wisdom.  Seriously, if you run a league, you just have to follow Scott.

In addition to being a great, and I mean great commish, Scott’s a dynasty maven who can really run a team.  I’ll be picking his brains some on this year’s rookie class.

Scott runs the coolest league in all of fantasy football: The Scott Fish Bowl.  We’ll talk a bit about hat as well.  It’s only fitting as it brings people together much the way a fine dram can.  This year’s theme is toys, which is also fitting if you are familiar with how Scott uses his various leagues to raise money for Toys 4 Tots each year.

Lastly, the whisky.  Scott turned me onto one of his favorite drams: Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14.  It took me a while to finally take the plunge.  Me, being the value-hunter than fantasy has conditioned me to be, kept buying the Balvenie 12-year old Doublewood.  It was on sale!  It’s a very nice bottle in its own right, but the Caribbean Cask is something special, as Scott and I will get into.

Links to some things we discussed:

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