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Negotiating the Rotobahn Rookie Board

This is my entire three pod series joined into a single article to give it some flow.  God bless anybody who listens to all three.  In truth, most of you will get what you really need from the first two, but you know I’m here for all of you deep leaguers.  That’s my jam, too.

These are raw pods–especially the third one.  If I have a free day in the next week or so, I plan on trying to reduce all three into a single hour to make the whole idea flow better.  I want to thank you all for indulging me here.  I’m really trying to pry open the way I present my rookie evaluations and rankings because I want it all to work as well for my readers as it does for me.

As I have said all the way through this, I value your comments hugely when it comes to rookie content.  How you experience it and what you take from it are really all I care about.

Good luck in all your drafts!

You can view the entire Rotobahn Rookie 100 here.  It’s also download-able so you can customize as you see fit.

  • O = Overall
  • P = Positional Rank
  • T = Player Tier


“Round One”



Tiers 2 & 3



Tiers 4 & 5 PLUS some Superflex Adjustments