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Offseason Podcast #1

I’m throwing up a quick podcast this morning just to let you all know what’s going on at Rotobahn over the next few months and also to alert you all to a slow down over the next 10 days or so.




This is a very interesting poll.  I think it’s as much about Baker Mayfield as it is about Chubb, who you all know I love.


My take on the Saints having victory snatched away from them.


I have to say that I am surprised that so many people are low on Damien Williams.  Rotobahn has always been high on his talent.  It was never in question for us.  Most of Williams issues coming out of Oklahoma were character related stuff–off the field concerns.  We had him pegged as one of the most talented backs in the 2014 draft class but with a huge caveat due to the off-field concerns. He’s a player who needed time because he missed so much time as a collegian.  He’s now a 26-year old back with very little on his odometer.  He may be the lead back in the league’s most prolific offense, and folks are seemingly long on doubt with him.  I actually heard him comped to Thomas Rawls.  Are you freaking kidding me?