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Pre-Combine RB Rankings

With the combine upon us, I’ll be rolling out the pre-combine ranks over the next day or so along with a quick podcast.

I’m actually ahead of where I was at in 2018 as far as film time goes, but this year’s class is going to require a lot more grinding.  I mean, let’s be honest, how many times does one need to watch Saquon Barkley or Nick Chubb to know they are big time?  This year’s group is more challenging, but I think the time invested will be worthwhile.

The thing I want to emphasize is that these rankings are tightly grouped but loosely assigned—meaning there are a lot of quality backs even though last year’s start power is lacking.  So while a guy may be ranked outside of the top ten now, he could still make a big jump depending on where I am at once all the film has been ground to dust and what these guys do at the combine, not to mention to massive reshuffle that goes down once the NFL weighs in on draft day.  So, consider this a starting point as we try and profile this year’s class as best we can.

I’ll be back with the receivers tomorrow morning, with the quarterbacks later on in the day.

I’ll update all these rankings and add combine measurables next week.