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QB Rankings Week 10 (updated Saturday)

Welcome to the Week 10 Quarterback Rankings.

I’ve been crazy busy the last two days and I’m heading out this evening for some much needed recreation, so the early rankings are not as tight as they normally are.  I’ll get them up to speed over the next two days.

Tonight’s game is not a hard one to figure. You’ll be starting most of your regulars. Cam is looking very good as his team (Samuel, Olsen and DJ Moore) improves around him. Big Ben is always a good play at home and his weapons are all healthy.

On the main Sunday slate, my eyes are on Fitzpatrick and Matt Ryan but I’m early in my prep right now.  I’ll almost definitely have some other ideas when I do the DFF podcast this weekend. 

These rankings will be updated Saturday.

Week 10 Bye teams:  Broncos, Vikings, Ravens, Texans.


Week 10 Rankings