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QB Rankings Week 11 (updated Saturday)

Welcome to the Week 11 Quarterback Rankings!

This is a brutal week for setting lineups in deep leagues.  The Cooper Kupp injury has really hurt yours truly this week.  What a tough break for the Rams and for their young receiver.  Hopefully Kupp will have a strong recovery in 2019, because he’s been a joy to watch.  

Obviously, we’re all feeling the deep cut of a six team bye week. The QB losses aren’t that brutal, but the skill positions are a different story as we’ll see later.

In DFF this week, I have my eyes on the big games. Wentz and Brees are the early leaders to be on my core team for Week 11.  I’m looking forward to the DFF pod this week after surviving last week’s tight pricing. I hope most of you did as well.

I’ll be back in a bit with the receivers, backs and tight ends.

These rankings will be updated on Saturday.

Week 11 byes:  Bills, Browns, Dolphins, Jets, Patriots and 49ers.


Week 11 Rankings