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QB Rankings Week 12 (updated Saturday)

Happy Thanksgiving, Rotobahn Fam, and welcome to the Week 12 Quarterback Rankings.!

My emphasis with the early rankings will be the Thursday games.  I’ll be doing some of my typical Wednesday research on Friday and that will probably cause more adjustments than usual when I do the Saturday update.  Just a little FYI there. 

I was able to get the these QB rankings about where I want them, but I am running low on time to do write-ups for the other positions, so the rankings will be up, but they should be light on Skinnys.  I can’t burn the midnight oil tonight as Jimmy Hackett and I are doing the 3 hour lead-in show on WEEI tomorrow.  Check it out!

These rankings will be updated on Saturday.

Bye teams: Chiefs & Rams.  


Week 12 Rankings: