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QB Rankings Week 14 (updated Saturday)

Welcome to the Week 14 Quarterback Rankings!

This is a very tough week because the good matchups are in the wrong places in a lot of cases.  My general feel right now is to trust the producers, like Dak, Mahomes and Russ Wilson, despite the matchups.

Here’s the basic takeaway on the quarterbacks.  There are a few strong plays at the top but after that, the separation is super thin.  If you like Brady over Fitzpatrick because of trust, I have no issue at all with that.  The players from 11 through 18 are super close, so trust your gut in that area.  I’m very concerned that the Saints/49ers game is going to be a ground war, so that’s why Brees is so low.  He could still smash, but I see a slow game, so that’s why he’s low.

There will be a DFS pod this weekend and I’ll do my best to get it done on Saturday.

I’ll be back in a bit with the other positions.

This article will be updated on Saturday as always, so check back.  I will be grinding hard on these QBs and may adjust significantly depending on how some of the injury stuff shakles out.



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