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QB Rankings Week 16 (updated Sunday)

Welcome to the Week 16 Quarterback Rankings!

Congrats to all on making it this far!  The big game!  It’s equal parts mind-bending and exciting, especially with all of the injuries over the last few weeks.

The quarterbacks are exceedingly strong at the top, with four or five elite plays depending on your point of view.  The back end QB1 options are not strong and there are some abominable options in the last tier as always.  Most of you are playing Lamar or another good option, but I’ve done my best to rank these plays, just in case you are streaming.

I’d be ok with all options up to and even including Trubisky.  The other options up until about 20 are playable, inclusing Goff.  If your QB is listed in the 20s or later, I wish you good luck, because you may need it.

This article will be updated minimally on Saturday and perhaps again on Sunday if anything breaks.

I’ll be back soon with the wide receivers.  The RBs and TEs will go up later this afternoon or evening.

Good luck to all this week!

I’ll be doing a podcast with Jimmy Hackett over at WEEI later today.  It’ll post late night or early Saturday morning.  We’ll get into the 3-game Saturday slate for DFS and we’ll talk some Week 16.

On Saturday, I’ll post my Starts article over at WEEI and there will be a podcast for the main slate too, though I’m still trying to figure out when I will have to time to record it.  Worst case scenario, it’ll go up early Sunday, but I am aiming for Saturday afternoon if I can swing it.





All pricing was sourced from DraftKings