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QB Rankings Week 17

Welcome to the Week 17 QB Rankings!

From the amount of questions I am getting this week, I think very, very few of you are still playing.  That’s awesome.  Nobody should have a championship decided on Week 17.  And again, if anybody out there needs a little help, hit me up on Twitter.  Happy to do it.

For those Rotobahners who have yet to donate, please consider doing so.  It’s how the site survives.

As for DFS, I am really looking forward to this week.  Here are a few of the QBs we’ll be getting into on the podcast.

  • Lamar Jackson ($8K) at Bengals
  • Deshaun Watson ($7,700) vs. Titans
  • Kirk Cousins ($6,300) at Lions
  • Ryan Tannehill (7K) at Texans
  • Tom Brady ($7,200) vs. Falcons
  • Drew Lock ($5K) vs. Raiders

I’ll be back in a bit with the RBs.