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QB Rankings Week 17

Welcome to the Week 17 Quarterback Rankings!

Well, this week’s been a bit of adventure, but the  site is finally working again.  I’d like to send a huge shout out to me developer, Jon Nixon, who stepped up and dealt with our hosting company on a holiday weekend.  Jon is the best, and thanks to him, the uploads are working again.  I was a few hours away from using Google docs to post the rankings.  Thankfully that won’t be necessary. So now I’ll be updating the rankings that never went up and they should all be up by early afternoon—just in time for our Week 17 teams.  

I’d never forget you folks.

Now, as for Week 17, it’s bad but not as bad as it could be.  The Saints and Cowboys are telegraphing their disinterest pretty clearly and we can see how the Chargers might decide to fold up their tents early if the KC/Oakland game goes as expected.

Adam Levitan wrote an excellent article that ties up all the motivational issues with the playoff teams.  Check it out to center yourself if you’re not already there.

As far as DFS goes this week, I am on Mahomes in a pretty major way, and I know that won’t gain me much differentiation, but I love the play and we know how badly KC needs the win.  I also like the way Damien Williams functions as a receiver in the scheme.  He now has one more source for explosion plays in the pass game.

The other quarterback I am going to have shares of is Roethlisberger.  Again, I love the organic matchup, but you also have a team that has zero reasons to hold back.  They’ll pile on the points and bury the Bengals before they start pulling back. The only concern is the status of Antoinio Brown.  If he sits, then I’ll reassess.

In big GPPs, I’ll have some Josh Allen exposure because I love the Dolphins as a road apple opponent.

The wide receivers will be up soon, followed by the running backs and tight ends.