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QB Rankings Week 5 (updated Saturday)

Welcome to the Week 5 QB Rankings.  It’s a rough day for yours truly as I had a suboptimal dental experience this morning.  The Novocain’s wearing off now so if today’s rankings are a bit shall we say, to the point and blunt, you know why.  I’ll do my best.  I’m getting a late start, so I may end up a little light with the comments once I get to the backs and tight ends. 

This is not a particularly tough week for QBs.  You streamers should be able to find something decent.  I wouldn’t mid playing anybody up until about Eli Manning, but he’s got a shot if you need him.

As always, I will update these rankings over the weekend—usually on Saturday.

Back later with the WRs, RBs and TEs.

Bye teams:  Bears and Bucs

Week 5 Rankings: