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QB Rankings Week 9 (updated Saturday)

Welcome to the Week 9 Quarterback Rankings!

I got a late start today, so the rankings are going up later than normal and it will  probably cost me some blurb time when I get to the RBs.  I’ll try and make up for that when I do the update.

As for the quarterbacks, we’re in good shape.  It’s  a reasonably good pool of starters when you consider that the bye losses are rather significant.  I’m ok playing most of the guys up until we get to Trubisky.  I’m willing to roll with what’s ranked ahead of him.  

In DFS, I’m currently fixated on Russ if I’m going to spend, but I’m keeping my mind open on guys like Minshew, Darnold and Winston.

If you missed my chat with Lord Reebs, take a listen below.  Rich brings a super smart informed perspective.

This article will be updated on Saturday.

Bye losses:  Falcons, Bengals, Rams & Saints.




All pricing was sourced from DraftKings.