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RB Rankings Week 2 (updated Saturday)

Welcome to the Week 2 Running Back Rankings.  The RBs are currently deep as all get out, but there’s an obvious catch.  The second tier RB2s are relatively weak because teams are playing so many backs.  We’ll be able to drill down on each backfield better as weeks go by.  You’ll probably notice that, once we get past the top 20-24, you get into a deep pool of flex options that are hard to separate.  Well, that’s what I’ll be trying to do tomorrow and on Saturday morning.  Hopefully player news and so more grinding will lead to some enhanced clarity for the backs between 25-40.  I’ll do my best.  No promises!

I’ll be back later today with the TEs.  All the rankings will get refreshed on Saturday.

Week 2 Rankings:


All Rotobahn rankings are based on .5 PPR scoring.