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RB Rankings Week 3 (updated Saturday)

Welcome to the Week 3 Running Back Rankings!

It’s definitely rough out there for the runners.  There are some big names who are not playing and we have a few full blown committee situations as well. Once you stare at it for a while, you want to just close the spread sheet and have a beer.  As much as I was tempted to go that way, I had an espresso instead and dug into this mess.  I’ll keep grinding away and hopefully I’ll feel better about where things are on Saturday.

Now, while things are tough for us seasonal players, the daily pool is just fine.  Keep your eyes on Philly, because Corey Clement could quickly become the Week 3 chalk if Ajayi can’t go.    Latavius Murray will also get quite chalky if Dalvin Cook is ruled out as I expect him to be.  So keep your head on a swivel!


I’ll be back later on with the TEs.

These rankings will be updated on Saturday.


Week 3 Rankings:


All Rotobahn rankings are based on .5 PPR scoring.