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RB Rankings Week 9 (updated Saturday)

Welcome to the Week 9 Running Back Rankings!

We’ll miss the Rams and Saints RBs but there’s enough to feed on out there in most leagues, and I’m really liking the RB options in DFS this week.  That said, they are priced in challenging fashion.  I’m already working on the best ways to jam in the RBs I want.  This is going to be fun and challenging.  It’s one of those weeks where you can gain an edge if you grind hard enough.

The rankings are very reflective of what I want to do right now.  The Steelers RBs will have a lot to do with things as Samuels could be a pseudo free square, if he’s the lead dog.  Dalvin Cook is a great play and I’m finding a way to pay for him.  CMC is maybe even better but his cost presents huge challenges.  I’ll be looking for ways to get him in too, but it’ll almost definitely cost you Kittle, if you play the T-M slate.

I’ll dig deep into the back when I do the DFS podcast.

This article will be updated on Saturday.

If you missed my chat with Lord Reebs, take a listen below.  Rich brings a smart informed perspective.

Bye losses:  Falcons, Bengals, Rams & Saints.




All pricing was sourced from DraftKings.