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Rotobahn Playoff Rankings

Here are the full playoff rankings and the downloadable PDF cheatsheet for playoff drafts.  A quick word on the rankings.  They are loose.  We draft players in playoff pools for different reasons than we do in seasonal leagues.  People will be chasing their hookups and they’ll be reaching at times to do it.  While I do not like reaching, it’s probably better than drafting a player who does not fit your particular roster construction.  That’s the balance we always walk in these formats.  It’s a bit maddening at times when things don’t break your way.

For my thoughts on roster construction and how to play these draft-and-hold style drafts, follow this link to my article at WEEI.

So again, the rankings are loose.  I emphasize this because you’ll need to override them to some extent based on your particular team build.  Do it and don’t sweat it.  Bring that DFS mindset.  Stack and correlate.  

These are the rankings as of Wednesday night.  I will keep grinding them and I have a ways to go, to be quite honest.  I just wanted to take care of those folks who might be drafting tonight.

I’ll be adding more comments for the receivers and tight ends in the Thursday update.  I’ll also have a quick podcast on the rankings tomorrow.

Download the cheat right here:   PDF-Rotobahn-Postseason-Cheat-Sheet-