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TE Rankings Week 3 (updated Saturday)

Welcome to the Week 3 Tight End Rankings. 

This is a bit of  rush job because, well, it’s getting close to the start of Thursday Night Football.  That’s one of the drawbacks to being a one-man-band—the lack of any ability to delegate.  

And so it goes.  

David Njoku is our latest casualty on a week filled with them.   Jordan Reed looks like he’ll sit again with concussion symptoms and Dallas Goedert cant seem to stay healthy while playing part time.  He looks unlikely to play with a sore calf.  Sigh.

On DK this week, I am leaning towards the bigger names and the security+ceiling I get with them, but there are a few values I have my eye on, like … gulp … OJ in GPPs.  I know.  It’s awful, but it’s actually the move you need to have the guts to make, because when he breaks out, it’s going to make somebody some coin.  Anyway, I’ll try to come up with a better idea by the time I record the DFS pod on Saturday.

As always, there will be a Saturday update to this article, so check back before finalizing those lineups.

If you missed yesterday’s buy-low pod, you can listen below.