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TE Ranks Week 6 (updated Saturday)

Welcome to the Week 6 Tight End Rankings!

The tight ends have been a tough bunch this year.  Evan Engram’s been the big point scorer overall and he’s out with a sore knee.  The Jets lost Chris Herndon to a hamstring before they could get him off the suspended list.  So incredibly Jets.  On the plus side, Hunter Henry should play football sometime soon.

As always, these are my initial rankings.  I will collect all the pertinent information that comes out over the next 48 or so hours and apply it all to the final rankings that get posted on Saturday.  I strongly suggest you use those rankings for your Sunday lineup choices.



For DFS purposes this week, I’m looking at the top guys, with a sharp eye on Hooper at 5,000 units.  I want big ceiling options at the position this week this week because my RB floor may not be what’s it’s been most of the season.  I’ll get into this on Saturday during the DFS podcast.

Week 6 bye teams: Bills, Bears, Colts & Raiders

If you missed yesterday’s podcast on trade targets of the buy-low variety, you can listen below.