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The Rotobahn 500 (Finalized and updated 9/4)


Drafting season really gets going in about ten days.  The first pre-season game kicks off tonight.  Things are most definitely happening and Rotobahn is kicking into gear.

Now if we can just put a halt to these horrible preseason injuries.  

We’re already holding lit candles for AJ Green, Derick Henry, Damien Williams and of course, Todd Gurley.  And don’t forget the holdouts.  Michael Thomas is now signed and sealed but we have major concerns for Zeke Elliott and Melvin Gordon.  It looks like we’ll be riding the holdout waves all through August, which has become the norm.

It sucks.

Sadly, unless the NFL fixes the CBA to better compensate the running backs who get major volume, we’ll be doing this every year, and only the names will change.  Sigh.  Obviously, I’ll do my best to negotiate these situations so we can play them as they lie when the time comes.

Today is just the first rankings release.  You may find a name out of place here or there.  Efforts have been made to keep this to a minimum.  This list will get tighter and tighter as I grind them down and shine them up.  If you see anything that looks like an error, please feel free to point it out to me on Twitter.  Don’t hold back.

Today’s presentation is mostly an example of how my projections fall if I sort by grade.  I’ve moved a few players around due to circumstance.  More movement will be coming in the next 5-10 days as I factor in health, camp battles and other things, like range of outcomes and confidence level.

I’ll update The 500 on a weekly basis—at the bare minimum, and usually a few times each week.  Once we get to prime drafting season, you may see multiple updates in a single day.  Always look for the latest version of The 500 and its accompanying cheat sheets.  I’ll often do updates in the late afternoon if we’re heading into a weekend.

As always I will post downloads of The 500 so you can take the spreadsheet and tweak it to fit your wants and needs.  Look for the first download option this weekend.

I’ll also be adding a lot more Skinnies.  I have already put the first 36 (three rounds) up to keep you busy.  I’ll be adding about 15-30 per day until the top 300 or so have all been written up.

There will be podcasts coming as well.  I’ll talk about the first few rounds later today and I’ll be getting into some auction stuff—hopefully this Saturday.  On Sunday Jim Hackett and I will be live on WEEI, so tune in or catch the show on 

It’ll be up around 11am Sunday morning.  I’ll also have some content posting on next week.

If you have any questions for the auction podcast, please hit me up on Twitter @Rotobahn.

And we’ll be getting some awesome guests now that the pod is back up on all the platforms.  I’m hoping to chat with the great Sigmund Bloom next week.  Details to come.

Alrightty then.  Put your drafting shoes on.

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Let’s crush August!

CHEATSHEETS! (download link below)



  • OR – overall rank
  • PR = positional rank
  • ADP = Scott Fish Bowl ADP (Superflex)
  • Ranks are based on .5 PPR scoring


So as always, use the search function (just over there to the right just above The Skinny–not the site search at top of the page) to find players you are looking for.  I’ll add some key words soon so you can search for sleepers and such.

Sort by ADP and you’ll get a 2QB Superflex look, which could be helpful.  This was sourced from the Scott Fish Bowl, so it’s expert ADP but skewed to TEs and QBs somewhat.