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The Rotobahn 500 (updated 9/8)

Welcome to the 2020 Rotobahn 500!

For those of you who are new, this is a living article where I rank our 500 most relevant fantasy options.  It will be updated frequently (almost every day) from now until the drafting season ends.  This is now your central location for all Rotobahn draft content.  There will be links to the most recent cheat sheets and podcasts.  I will update as many Skinnies as I can as often as I can.  And, btw, if you see a blurb that’s out of date, let me know.  As they say, “if you see something, say something.”  Things happen so fast right now.  I do my best to keep things current, but again, please feel free to point out anything that needs refreshing.

The 500 is a good starter for those who want to configure their own ranks.  Just download the CSV file and go to town.  It’s also a really good in-draft tool.  

Have you ever been on the clock or close to it and wanted an outside take on a player?  We ALL have, right?  The 500 loads as one page.  All 500 players.  So, when you want to search, you are not reloading.  The search works as you type.  You want to know if Rotobahn likes Kendrick Bourne?  Just start typing his name in the search box and he’ll pop up in 3-4 keystrokes.  No hitting enter and waiting for the hamster in your hard drive or modem to process.  If you want to do some hunting and pecking, this is an exceedingly useful document.

Over the rest of this week, I will be fine tuning and recording the positional podcasts, and they will constitute most of my 2020 draft plan.  If you digest the 500 and the pods, you should be ready to crush your drafts.

It’s been the craziest offseason of my fantasy life.  I survived my injured jaw (dental surgery sucks!) and the fall that wrecked my ankle.  I thought things were about to normalize, and then The Corona happened.  Still, like a running back fighting for a new contract, I kept my feet moving through contact, and now we have the good stuff.  Sincerely, I appreciate all of your collective patience as much as I appreciate your readership in general.

Lastly, I’d like to thank all of our 2019 site donors.  It was really cool getting a handful of sizable donations from those of you who won your leagues.  That’s what it’s all about!  If you’ve been a Rotobahner over the years, and you are in a position to donate, it’s greatly appreciated.  You’ll see the donate button on the homepage and at the bottom of all pages.  If you are new, feel free to try us out and donate later if you were happy with the product.  That’s how we roll here.

By the way, I will never thank individual donors in public for obvious reasons, BUT, if any donors want a podcast shoutout, I’d be happy to oblige!  Just leave a note with your donation and we’ll give you some love.

As I finish the positional pods, they will be placed right here and so will the links to the Cheat Sheets.

The Rotobahn Draft Plan:

CHEATSHEETS! (updated 9/8)


That search function I mentioned earlier is over there to your right.  The site search is on the top of the page, and that won’t help you.  These ranks are based on .5 PPR scoring.  The OR column is a player’s overall rank while the PR column is a player’s positional rank.

If you are looking for players with recent news/skinny update, try typing *** in the search.

Alright, let’s dig in and crush those drafts!