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The Rotoworld Rumble via FFPC: A Breakdown

I had a great time participating in the Rotoworld Rumble a few days back on Friday night.  It was a $350 buy-in, so you know the sharks were at the top of their games.  This was live ammo, not mocking. It should give you an idea of what some of the sharpest fantasy players are thinking right now.  Over the next 50 minutes, I take a look at every squad and explain why I made each one of my picks. 

NOTE:   In attempt at an organic fluid take, I mistakenly forgot to do Michael Leone’s (@2hats1Mike) and Davis Mattek’s (@DavisMattek) team.  That’s Team 11.  And, I like their draft.  They leaned in at WR so they zigged a bit, which I love.  Then I really like the Kyler/Kirk hookup in that they did it after they’d already loaded up for SIX ROUNDS.  Kyler in the 7th and then Kirk in the 8th.  That’s good stuff.