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The Waiver Wire 10/1 (final edition)

Welcome to Week Five!  And welcome to Rotobahn’s Expanded Waiver Wire!

We’re almost a third of the way through the fantasy season and things are still a bit unsettled with all of the quarterback changes around the league.

As always, this is a living article.  I will be making additions throughout the day–particularly at the running back and wide receiver positions.  I’ll be watching some tageted film between now and 3pm.  Updates should begin around that time.

This article will be finalized at about 7pm.



The Lions and Dolphins are on their byes this week.

Easy Button Adds:

  • Robby Anderson, Jets
  • Corey Davis, Titans
  • Phillip Dorsett, Patriots
  • Jordan Howard, Eagles
  • Rashaad Penny, Seahawks








Jacoby Brissett, Colts

He’s been productive for fantasy purposes and this week he gets a tasty road matchup against the high-flying Chiefs.  He’s a great plug-n-play option this due to the matchup, but he can also be your weekly starter in most formats.  

Sam Darnold, Jets

The payoff with Darnold should be season-long, but it’s not so much for this week. In fact, we’re not 100 percent sure that Darnold makes it back this week. However, by Week 6, he’ll have all his weapons and things should improve. I really like the Jets second half schedule.

Andy Dalton, Bengals

Dalton is a great passer to add for Week 5 because he gets a potential high-volume matchup with the Cardinals, who play fast.  The opponent combined with the Bengals’ new scheme could allow this game to explode, from a scoring perspective.  The Steelers had little trouble with Dalton and company last night, but it will be a different story at home against the Cardinals.   ***UPDATE***  Dalton takes a hit with the loss of John Ross.  He’s still a viable start this week, but not quite as attractice.

Marcus Mariota, Titans

My take on Mariota all year has been pretty simple.  He’s better than Tannehill.  Tannehill was a big deal acquisition (for fantasy) because he’s competent to a degree that Blaine Gabbert just isn’t.  If Mariota goes down, the offense can continue on without him, which was not the case in 2018.  As for his current value, it’s of the season long variety.  I would not want to be starting Mariota this week.  So, as I’ve said in week’s past, look at your bye needs and see if his matchups work for you.

Gardner Minshew, Jaguars

I like his remaining schedule and I like the way he plays.  And, obviously, it’s impossible not to love the kid.  He’s fun.  This week’s matchup with the Panthers is tougher than it looks and the Sainst next week is not great, but things ease up nicely after that.

Chase Daniel, Bears

Mitch Trubisky is almost certainly out for Week 5.   If you are hurting, you could do worse than Chase Daniel versis the Raiders in London.

Dwayne Haskins, Washington

He was shaky at times but he was also just tossed in there with no good receivers to throw to.  I’m sure he’ll get another shot soon if not this week, and once he’s in there with his guy McLaurin, things should improve.  In super deep leagues and 2QB, he’s a great add.




Ronald Jones, Bucs

If you’ve been reading this wire all year, there’s a good chance you already have Jones on your roster.  If that’s not the case, this is probably your last chance, and I’d take a good swipe at him in bidding unless you are seriously stacked at running back.  I’ve been saying this all year, but it’s about the upside.  Jones is talented and Bruce Arians ability to incorporate his best talent is well established.  There could be more bumps in the road here, but if we redrafted now, Jones is probably a fifth round pick.  I’ll snatch that off of any waiver wire, any time.

Rashaad Penny, Seahawks

He’s over 50 percent owned so he doesn’t really belong here but if you are in a small league, I’d be targeting him. He’s not as valuable as Jones because Chris Carson is still a more imposing obstacle in the Seahawks’ scheme than Peyton Barber is in the Bucs’ scheme. Penny also has a recent injury he’s yet to full clear himself from. The bottom line as I’ve said before, is that Seattle is dependable as a source of run volume.

Jaylen Samuels, Steelers

Last night’s game was a bit of an eye-opener.  The Steelers unveiled Samuels as the player I’ve been telling you all about.  For those who recall, Samuels was seen as a potential tight end when he came out of NC State.  This was due to his great versatility, because as a member of the Wolfpack, he played all over the formation.  Jaylen was sort of a “one-man wolf pack”, if you will.  As I said at the time, this guy is a running back with a future skill set.  We saw some of that last night as Samuels posted passing stats, running stats and receiving stats thanks to his role as Wildcat quarterback.  When we consider that Samuels already had value as one of the league’s top handcuffs, we have to bump him up our boards, because he may now have stand-alone appeal on top of that—meaning he needs to be owned in all leagues.  Update: James Conner’s ankle is looking like a Week 5 concern. This only adds to Samuels’ value.

Darrel Williams, Chiefs

He’s just over 50% owned on Yahoo, so I’m throwing him out there just in case. We really don’t know much about Damien Williams’ knee. It’s obviously not serious because he’s not on IR and no surgery has been suggested. Logic says it’s maybe one or two more weeks. So Darrel’s value could dry up at any point. Still, he’s proven his mettle in an offense we love. He needs to be rostered in all 12-team leagues and until Damien is back—all leagues of all sizes.

Alexander Mattison, Vikings

Arguably the most valuable handcuff option out there and you get some stand-alone value too.  Mattison, no matter what you think of him, has the gig, and the gig is worth quite a bit as we are seeing.

Malcolm Brown, Rams

As I said, (I think) on the pod, it happens fast. Todd Gurley tweaks that knee and everybody will be throwing every last scrap of FAAB they can find at Brown. Just keep him rostered or add him now and stash him. We’re not hoping Gurley gets hurt, we’re just playing all the angles. Brown is running well, with no signs of last year’s injury. He’s clearly out in front of Darrell Henderson.

Frank Gore, Bills

He just keeps going and going. While Gore only played 46 percent of the offensive snaps, he still managed 109 yards on 17 carries. This was against a tough Patriots defense, which is rather remarkable in that Gore qualifies for Medicare. If rookie Devin Singletary misses another game with his hamstring, Gore will get another 15 plus carries this week, on the road in Tennessee.

Ito Smith, Falcons

People will make a big deal out of his touchdown and there is reason to roster Smith, but he’s still in that roughly 40 percent role, and unless that changes, he’s just a flex play on most weeks.

Tony Pollard, Cowboys

He’s a pure handcuff but you are getting  huge peace of mind because Pollard is good enough to run behind the Dallas line and he has the receiving ability to make the scoreboard move in PPR.

Jamaal Williams, Packers

If he’s out there, you might be able to land him cheap as he’s potentially out this week.  He’s getting plenty of time behind Jones and that gives him some flex appeal to go with medium handcuff appeal.

Dion Lewis, Titans

The touches haven’t been at all plentiful but he’s still an excellent handcuff option for those who own Derrick Henry.  Lewis can play all downs and has scant competition after Henry.  He’d be a bell cow if the big man went down.

Ryquell Armstead, Jaguars

He’s finally getting some time now that he’s healthy and he looked good out there.  Fournette is always on bad step away from a soft tissue tweak.  Rostering Armstead in leagues with adequate bench space makes sense.  He might be worth a lot if they lose Fournette.  This kid runs really, really hard.  The motor is always on and running in the red.

Gio Bernard, Bengals

He’s looked good when given touches, so he’s a no-brainer handcuff for those who own Joe Mixon.  It’s worth mentioning that, if Mixon continues to run in such unfavorable conditions, his chances for injury only increase.




Courtland Sutton, Broncos

He’s slightly more than 50 percent owned but grab him if you can.   Sutton has been playing almost all of the snaps all season and he broke out in Week 4 with a pair of touchdowns.  He’s been a startable asset three out of four weeks so far and that viability should continue based on his role.

Golden Tate, Giants

He’s finished serving his four game suspension and will return this week when the Giants host the Vikings.  It’s not an inspiring matchup but it’s playable.  Next week’s matchup with the Patriots is even worse, but the Giants overall schedule is quite favorable. Even with the tough matchups, targets should be plentiful with Saquon Barkley (ankle) out for another 3-6 weeks. I’d be adding Tate now in any league where I can get him.

The 49ers receivers

  • Deebo Samuel
  • Dante Pettis
  • Marquise Goodwin

I have them in the above order but with little separation. Both Samuel and Pettis are flex plays who have the ability to climb up into the high-end WR3 range. Goodwin’s upside isn’t quite that high but if he stays healthy and plays well, he could be a WR3. George Kittle’s role along with a great ground scheme is the reason for putting a ceiling on these guys. Still, there’s value here. They should all be rostered in 12-team leagues. Remember, they are all past their byes. That’s nice as the bye weeks will hit hard soon.  This is like a little lottery.  In a few weeks, one of these guys will probably be the most valuable receiver on thsi week’s list.  I like the idea of adding both Deebo and Pettis and hoping one of them emerges.

Diontae Johnson, Steelers

As we’ve noted in prior weeks, Johnson is the receiver to own after JuJu Smith-Schuster, because he can get off the line without help and because he’s a dynamic open-field threat after the catch.  And, as we saw last night, he’s also a deep threat.  The Steelers are no longer the Steelers as we knew them under Ben Roethlisberger.  The pass volume is probably going to stay relatively low and the deep ball is not going to be quite what it was.  Still, Mason Rudolph can do some things if they protect him.  There’s room for modest growth here.  Johnson should be rostered in all 12-team leagues.

AJ Brown, Titans

Brown is not a fluke, but his role hasn’t changed at all.  He’s been holding steady at about 45 percent of the weekly snaps and that’s been yielding roughly 4-5 targets a week.  This gives him some flex appeal in 12-team leagues but not the kind of predictable output we crave from a WR3.  I’d be adding him anyway, because he could earn that uptick in playing time soon, and then we really have something.  The talent is obvious and hopefully his two touchdowns in Week 4 opened some eyes on the coaching staff.

Jamison Crowder, Jets

He’s going to rack up receptions once the Jets get the offense working, and that ought to be in the next two weeks or so. Sam Darnold’s absence has been the cause of Crowder’s recent woes. Throw it all out. Add him now and he can be your WR3 in leagues that use full PPR scoring.

Parris Campbell, Colts

My guy was getting featured last week and then he strained an abdominal. It sounds like it won’t keep him down long if at all, so I would keep him stashed. Parris could be a viable flex play this week if T.Y. Hilton sits out again. Still a big ceiling here if the Colts can get things together.

Keke Coutee, Texans

With Kenny Stills nursing a hamstring injury, Coutee could reemerge as a PPR threat from the slot. based on what we know now, Stills is probably a good bet to miss this week and maybe more, but that is not yet fully assured. Stay on top of this and check Rotoworld before finalizing your bids. If Stills is going to miss extended time, Coutee is a must-add player.

Geronimo Allison, Packers

His snaps were up and he scored but he’s still a ways away from being a weekly WR3 as many expected. I wasn’t super high on Geronimo, but I expected better than this. Of course, I expected more offense from Green Bay, so perhaps we need not pin it all on Allison. So we have some reason for optimism with the playing time but the targets were still a bit on the disappointing side. In the end, I’m siding with a schedule that lightens up but mostly with Aaron Rodgers. We roster his starters. It’s an axiom.  And, with Davante Adams’ recent toe injury, here could conceivably be some targets up for grabs.

Cole Beasley, Bills

Beasley’s been a steadying influence on Josh Allen—giving him as close to an always-open target as he’s ever had in all his life. I told you all about this after watching them work together in Week 1. It’s continued and in Week 4, Beasley’s snaps rate was up to 86%. Sure, the game conditions will vary, but that’s a very encouraging sign. The diminutive slot machine tallied another 13 targets in Week 4, which brings him to 36 (24 receptions) on the season. If you can roster him in a full PPR league, you should do so.

The Dolphins Receivers

  • Albert Wilson
  • DeVante Parker
  • Preston Williams

They are all largely available and they can all help you in their way.  Just remember, they are on the bye this week.  To me, Parker and Wilson are practically interchangeable, so take the one who floats your boat.  Wilson, with his projected slot role, holds more intrigue.  As some of  you probably know, Rotobahn has been on Wilson since his days at Georgia State.  It’s a damn shame he had to leave Andy Reid’s scheme.  He’d be awesome working the slot for Mahomes.  Back to reality.  If Wilson can finally get healthy, he could be the thing that finally works in this scheme.  I’m stashing him in 12-team PPR leagues.

Mohamed Sanu, Falcons

He’s been productive, and while I doubt he keeps it up, you can ride the wave if you are in need. Sanu is a big part of the offense. It doesn’t always manifest itself in fantasy points, but the fact that he rarely leaves the means that he’ll usually scratch out some value for you. He’s played more snaps than Julio Jones, just for some perspective. He’s a nice stop-gap guy during the byes.

Auden Tate, Bengals

He was on the wire last week, so maybe some of you nabbed him already, but for deep leaguers, Tate is now a near must-add, because he’ll be the number two receiver for for next few weeks at minimum.  John Ross’ shoulder injury will shelve hm for multiple games and AJ Green is not close to returning.  Tate had four grabs for fifty yards last week.  Tate will be a very sneaky play this week in what could be a fast-paced game with the Cardinals.

Trey Quinn, Washington

He was open deep twice last week and has looked better than his numbers all year.  I like him as a depth player in 12-team PPR leagues.  They could switch to Haskins at QB and players like Quinn could start to emerge.






Chris Herndon, Jets

Just one more Week!  Herndon’s four game suspension was elongated by the Jets’ Week 4 bye.  By next week, Herndon and Sam Darnold should both be back on the field.  The Jets’ schedule really lightens up over the second half, making Herndon about as good an add as you will find at tight end.  He can be your weekly starter in any league.

Jimmy Graham, Packers

It’s not pretty but he’s involved and playing with Aaaron Rodgers.  He’ll continue to have weekly touchdown appeal and some solid overall games here and there as well.  He’s a fringe weekly starter.  You want better, sure, but you can live wth him.

Jack Doyle, Colts

He’s largely available and his role is getting more stable as we move through the season.  Doyle has nabbed four balls in both of the last two games and the Colts will have to throw the ball plenty this week when they travel to Kansas City.  I like Doyle’s chances of being a fantasy contributor.  Doyle has played 68 percent of the snaps or more in every game this season, so you know you have a chance with him.

Ben Watson, Patriots

He’s not rostered much anywhere though he might be a bit more popular in the New England market.  The bottom line is that Ben’s suspension is now over and he could evolve into a weekly option if he plays well going forward.  He’s an add in all 12-team leagues if tight end help is on your list.

Dawson Knox, Bills

His snap rate took another step in the right direction with him at 65%— a season high. He caught three more balls for 58 yards and is starting to look like a viable weekly play in deeper formats. Certainly a solid TE2 in 12-team leagues.

Noah Fant, Broncos

He played over 70% of the snaps so he’s a viable option. He also scored a touchdown on a tight end screen, so they are looking for ways to get him involved.

Jordan Akins, Texans

In Week 4, Akins played in the same role that he’s been in–a part-timer who gets targets when he’s on the field.  He’ll help you when he scores and feel light when he doesn’t, but he’s a viable backup option in deeper leagues if you need one.  Kenny Stills’ injury could open up an extra target or two.  Maybe.

Ricky Seals-Jones, Browns

He only played 21 snaps but they seem to want to get him involved as a pass-catching specialist. He’s worth a flier in deeper formats, just in case his role continues to grow.