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The Waiver Wire 9/11

As the fallout from a typically crazy Week 1 settles, it’s time to pick up the pieces and get our teams set up for future success.  We’re all either 1-0 or 0-1 so don’t you dare let a bad opening result diminish your competitive spirit.  Things are just getting started.

If you have specific questions about your moves this week, feel free to hit me up on Twitter @Rotobahn.  I’ll be online tonight and will do my best to get to all of your questions before I pass out.

And, for what it’s worth, don’t  forget that it’s only Week 1.  GMs (and analysts!) are overreacting as they always do.  Stay calm and take advantage of the folks who are tilting–even if you’re 0-1.

And, off topic, my condolences to all who are mourning today.

Important Week 1 Injuries

  • Delanie Walker (Ankle/IR) 
  • Greg Olsen (broken foot) 
  • Doug Baldwin (knee)
  • Leonard Fournette (hamstring)
  • Marcus Mariota (elbow)
  • Aaron Rodgers (knee) 
  • Devonta Freeman (knee)
  • Marquise Goodwin (quad)

It’s ugly stuff and a few are serious or potentially serious.  Walker is done for the year.  Olsen looks to be out for a significant period as the foot he injured is the same foot he had surgery on months ago.  Baldwin has a MCL tear in his knee.  He’ll miss time for sure—probably about three weeks but that’s just an approximation.  They are calling Fournette’s injury minor, but he was not able to continue, so a one week absence certainly seems possible.  T.J. Yeldon is the back to go after in Jacksonville.  Mariota’s elbow should be ok, but his Week 2 status has yet to be confirmed.  Rodgers’ knee injury was seen by all and his return probably calmed his fantasy owners, but once he stiffens up there could be an issue, so keep tabs on him this week—especially if he is your only rostered quarterback.  Freeman’s knee appears to be a minor thing, but if Tevin Coleman is somehow available, he’s a mandatory handcuff even in smallish formats.  Goodwin is a guy to watch, but it appears that his quad injury is just a contusion.  It will be a pain tolerance issue.  There’s a good chance that he plays in Week 2.

I’m going to record the Waiver Wire Pod now.  It will be up by about 7pm.  I’ll probably add a few players later on.  I still have a few games to watch.  Also, I normally make SOME effort to avoid typos on the wire, but today I am typing and moving on due to time constraints.  Your understanding is appreciated.

Week 1 is a grind, but I love it.




Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs

I’m seeing him available in some places so check his status in your league.  Mahomes was a highly rated QB2 in my preseason rankings and he moved up a spot or two off of his Week 1 performance.  Mahomes must be owned in all leagues.  Prioritize FAAB bids based on your need and league makeup.  

Tyrod Taylor, Browns

We knew Taylor he was an explosive point scorer but this offense is now looking very strong and Tyrod will be a fantasy asset for as long as he can hold off Baker Mayfield.  Be careful with your bids here, because the rookie could nab the job at any time.

Sam Darnold, Jets

Darnold checked all the boxes in his first start and he looked really good in doing so.  The Jets play a favorable schedule, so he’s worth owning as a QB2 in most formats.

Case Keenum, Broncos

Keenum was mediocre, but his team looked very strong around him.  He should be a functional backup if you need one.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bucs

 Fitzpatrick has teased us like this before and while most analysts will probably tell you to stay away, his weapons are so good in that offense that he could help you if you are in need for some reason—obviously that’s in the near term only.  Jameis Winston returns in a few weeks.  The Bucs host the Eagles this week, which is obviously sobering.  They host the Steelers in Week 3.



Marlon Mack, Colts

He’s unowned in half of Yahoo leagues so he’s a late add here.  I’d be really surprised if Mack wasn’t the early down runner in Indy this week or as soon as his hammy heals up.  Must be owned in all leagues.

Nick Chubb, Browns

RB1 ceilings should never be on the waiver wire.  he’ll play more and more as the season moves along.  Stash him now if you can.

Nyheim Hines, Colts

Hines, a rookie who was written off too soon due to training camp struggles.  He played almost half the snaps and was targeted nine times.  More importantly, he looked much more explosive as a ball carrier compared to Wilkins.  

T.J. Yeldon, Jaguars

The picture is clear.  As much as we like Corey Grant, the handcuff for Fournette looks like it’s Yeldon’s gig.  Makes sense.  He’s a very sound and experienced player.  So, if you need a start this week, he might be able to help, but his real application is as a handcuff for Fournette.  Roster him if you can, but especially if are a Fournette owner.  If you get beat to the punch, then go to Grant, who is still quite the talent.

Latavius Murray, Vikings 

Murray looked very good last week and with Dalvin Cook always a bit risky with health, he needs to be owned in all 12-team leagues.  If I own Cook, I am rostering him.  End of story.  The Vikes are going to spend a TON of time in the red zone this year.

Phillip Lindsay, Broncos

Love this kid as I said pre-draft.  Obviously there’s two other legit backs in this backfield and one of them is Royce Freeman—the chosen back of the current regime.  It’s a tough sell to say that Lindsay can take this backfield over, but he WILL make a solid flex play on most weeks if he can displace Booker fully, and he may be able to do that because of the energy he provides.  Don’t go crazy with your FAAB budget, but if you are in a crazy deep league, you can disregard that.

Austin Ekeler, Chargers

He’s got stand alone flex value, but he’ll always be behind Gordon, who looked damn good last week.

Jordan Wilkins, Colts

I want to like him.  I just don’t.  It’s not hate, it’s just that he’s a JAG.  If he owns the gig due to injuries, then he’ll have some value, but it’s the value you get from drafting behind Andrew Luck rather than making your own way.  He gets nothing more than what is blocked for the most part.

James White, Patriots

White needs major injuries to be a weekly play, but in deep PPR formats, he’s worthy of a roster spot.  I’m more into White in best ball or DFS on the right week.

Javorius Allen, Ravens

He’s locked into a solid role behind Collins because Dixon is hurt once again.  Still, he’s Buck Allen, and he’s just a guy.

Ronald Jones, Bucs

This is a sneaky late add, just to remind you that you should not be cutting this kid in deep leagues.  Things change fast and Jones has A LOT of talent–it’s just a bit raw.  He’s a stash, not a cut, unless you are in a 10-teamer or a really short-benched 12-teamer.  Add him if he gets cut loose.



Kenny Golladay, Lions

He’s actually around 50% ownership on some of the bigger sites, so I HAVE to put him so I can tell you to sell out for him.  Looks like he could end up being the Lions’ number one if things break right.  Dude is a beast.

Chris Godwin, Bucs

Godwin has breakout potential in PPR leagues.  I know there’s a playing time issue, but he looks like he’s forcing his way into the full time mix—taking snaps away from Cameron Brate, DeSean Jackson and Adam Humphries.  I think he’ll be the second most targeted player in the offense behind Mike Evans.  

Quincy Enunwa, Jets 

Exactly what we expected to see as far as his game goes, but he got an even higher percentage of looks than usual, so take that part with a grain of salt.  Robby Anderson will not get shadow coverage very week.  Slay changed the Jets’ game plan some, I think.  Enunwa is a weekly WR3 or flex play with nice TD potential.   Enunwa is healthy and playing with the best quarterback he’s ever played with in his entire life—by far.  He may not dominate targets all year as he did in Week 1, but he’s got weekly WR3 ability and he’s got the role in the offense to make it happen.  He should be owned everywhere.  

D.J. Moore, Panthers

Jarius Wright is nothing more than a placeholder who knows Norv Turner’s routes and scheme.  Stash Moore anywhere you can and you could be profiting soon.  Has a WR2 ceiling if he gets the reps.  He’s potentially a washout, sure, but he’s potentially a guy who can actually move the needle–exactly what we want.

Geronimo Allison, Packers

Allison is Aaron Rodgers’ third receiver, but in that offense he has weekly flex appeal and is one injury away from WR2 stats.

Tyler Lockett, Seahawks

He should be rostered in all leagues.  Lockett just moved up in the pecking order due to Baldwin’s knee injury.  He’s a weekly WR3 until further notice.

John Brown, Ravens 

He’s their number one receiver and can start for you in most formats right now.  Sadly, his inability to stay healthy keeps me from getting too excited, but he needs to be owned and if he stays healthy, he’s probably a top 30 fantasy receiver.  Smokey’s a baller.

John Ross, Bengals 

Ross looked good and his role could keep growing.  He’s a must-add due to his high ceiling.  He’s basically Will Fuller without the recognition.

Calvin Ridley, Falcons

Ridley is being dropped due to one bad stat game, but he looked good to me and should pick it up going forward.

Phillip Dorsett, Patriots

He could be a great add because his role is not that related to Julian Edelman.  Dorsett moved well and ran some nice routes.  His speed is special and NE knows how to use talent.  he should be owned in all leagues until further notice.

Mike Williams, Chargers

He’s pretty heavily owned, but I have already gotten a few messages on him, so I’m including him.  No way he should be available in any 12-team league and he’s on the 10-team watchlist for sure.  Big ceiling to the point where I really don’t care about the floor.  Avoid roster cloggers and collect guys who can move the needle.

Ryan Grant, Colts

Grant looks like a very steady presence for the Colts and he can be a weekly flex play in deeper leagues.  I see him getting better and better as he works more with Andrew Luck, who’s been in need of a good technical receiver for a long while.  He now has one.

Brandon Marshall, Seahawks

He’s fallen apart physically the last few years, but he looked ready to contribute on Sunday and he now has a chance to produce consistently with Baldwin hurt.  Add him now and start him in deep formats.

Courtland Sutton, Broncos

His ceiling is somewhat capped by Thomas and Sanders but injuries happen and he played 61 percent of the snaps in his first game—drawing 5 targets for 2 grans and 45 yards.  Case Keenum left a lot on the table in Week 1, for what it’s worth.  Sutton should be owned in deep leagues.

Dante Pettis, 49ers

He looked GOOD as we expected, but Goodwin’s injury is minor so Pettis’ snaps my decline in Week 2.  Here’s the thing.  I really like this offense and Goodwin and Garcon are both fragile.  Pettis can protect you if you own either one of those guys and in big leagues, you could stash him and wait.  I think he needs to be owned in all leagues that roster over 200 players.

Mike Wallace, Eagles

He played every single snap but did nothing.  Stash him in deep leagues if he gets cut.  Wallace will be a weekly flex play once the real QB is under center in a week or so.

Ted Ginn, Saints

He has a strong Week 1, but it was a mad crazy game and Cam Meredith isn;’t yet involved.  Ginn lacks the kind of upside I look for this early in the season, but he should be rostered in most 12-team leagues.  He can help you right now if you need a body.

Dez Bryant, FA

People will get ancy and drop him, but he’s  stash for now, and when you look at the Cowboys’ offense as currently constructed, the “Dez is the problem” narrative looks pretty weak.  He’s a diva, sure, but he’s also a baller.  Keep him rostered in 12-team leagues and grab him if he’s dropped.

Dede Westbrook, Jaguars

He played only half the snaps, but he got a lot of action and I assume he’ll earn more time going forward as he’s clearly a better player than Donte Moncrief.  In most leagues I’ve checked, either Keelan Cole or Westbrook is available.  Both should be rostered in all 12-team leagues.  Westbrook is maybe a bit PPR-specific, but Cole’s a good fit in all formats.

Cole Beasley, Cowboys

He’s not durable, but it was obvious that he was the only receiver who has Dak’s trust at this point.  He’ll be a PPR asset for the near term.

Michael Gallup, Cowboys

The void at receiver in Dallas is real and right now Gallup is my best guess at who ultimately gets a hold of a role in the Dallas passing game.  Right now, other than Beasley, there is no WR or TE who can be depended on for anything.  That’s bad, but it’s also a huge target vacuum, and maybe Gallup can fill it.  He should be rostered in all leagues with over 200 players.

Trent Taylor, 49ers

In deep PPR formats he has value.  He played 61 percent of the snaps in Week 1 and was targeted six times.  While I suspect that Pettis could force him out of the rotation, he’s in there for now.  Thing is, it would only take one injury to make him a thing.  Deep PPR leagues only for now.

Bruce Ellington, Texans

He’s the slot guy until it’s taken away from him, and he could help you in deep PPR leagues–like 14-team leagues.  Watson trusts him and so do the coaches.   Deep leagues only.



George Kittle, 49ers

Kittle’s preseason injury apparently caused some folks to let him go undrafted.  Get him if you can.  He has a chance to be a high-end TE1 all year and could end up being Jimmy Garoppolo’s favorite target.  No way I take Cook over this guy.  No way.

Jared Cook, Raiders 

Cook has big games and then fades away.  It’s what he does.  He’s a solid option, but not really a guy I am going after.

Ian Thomas, Panthers

It sounds like Greg Olsen (broken foot) is done or at least done for a few months,  It may take some time, but I think Thomas is a future star or maybe just a really good tight end.  He’s got tremendous ball-tracking ability and really good hands, but there’s more.  He’s a big strong target who is sturdy (hard to tackle) and dangerous after the catch.  Obviously, your league may not merit rostering tight end depth, so he may not be for everybody, but in deeper formats I am stashing this guy for sure.

Jonnu Smith, Titans

He’s similar to Thomas BUT with less in the way of ball skills.  Smith is a serious athlete with big play ability and he should be a near very down option now.  Must be owned in all 12-team leagues.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins, Jaguars

He was mediocre on paper against a weak Giants defense (in terms of TE coverage), but he DID have a TD taken off the board, so factor that in.  He has a shot at being a weekly start if he can get himself immersed in his new offense.  He should be rostered in all 12-team leagues.  He’s the clear cut starter in Jacksonville and it’ worth noting that he played Week 1 at less than 100 percent due to an abdominal pull.

Ben Watson, Saints

He was active in Week 1 but not highly productive.  Still, he’s the obvious lead TE in Big Easy and some TDs are surely on the way.  He may not be sexy, but he can be your tight end in deeper leagues.

Ricky Seals-Jones, Cardinals

I’m less enthused with RSJ than many analysts seem to be.  This is most because I don’t know what to make of this post-Arians offense.  The bottom line is this:  RSJ is the guy.  He should be owned in all 12-team leagues and above, and he has some real upside if the Cards get it together.

Eric Ebron, Colts

Snaps (48%) and targets (4) were light but he made the big play (TD) and this is a team that needs those, so he should be stashed in deeper leagues, because he has the ceiling to be very good, and he’s not really in competition with Doyle, who is locked into his role.  Ebron can become their big slot.  He’s competing against Chester Rogers (61% snap rate) as much as he’s competing against Doyle, and that’s a battle he could win once he’s been in the scheme a bit and gets to know Luck better.

Jake Butt, Broncos

He was behind Heuerman in terms of playing time, but I thought he looked better and I expect him to play more and more as things progress.  He’s a nice stash in deeper formats or perhaps just a player to monitor, but I expect solid production at some point.

Will Dissly, Seahawks

Well, well, well.  Color me surprised.  Dissly, a tough dude for sure, was billed as a blocker, but Seattle CLEARLY has plans for him.  He was schemed the ball several times, and to me, that is a tell.  I’m going to add him in a few dynasty leagues and deeper seasonal formats.  I think he’s going to be the main guy for them regardless of Dickson’s status.

Antonio Gates, Chargers

He’s the Gore of tight ends, and he’ll score some touchdowns, but he’s a fantasy backup at this point.

Jordin Akins, Texans

Keep an eye on him, and his playing time.  He could end up being a factor, but Ryan Griffin is also in the mix so it’s a bit of a committee for now.  Akins is a playmaker and he played 52% of the snaps in his first game.  A stash option in really big leagues and a definite dynasty hold.