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  • The Waiver Wire 11/3

    Updated at 3pm
    By: Pete Davidson : November 03, 2015 12:03pm

    As I said overt at WEEI this morning, the injuries just keep coming. It’s really getting absurd, isn’t it? At this point in 2015, if you haven’t lost a major player to injury, you are very, very lucky. This week, we add Le’Veon Bell to the list of stud backs who... Read full article

  • The Waiver Wire 10/27

    Updated at 6pm
    By: Pete Davidson : October 27, 2015 11:29am

    As I said over atWEEI this morning.... Arian Foster owners, I feel your pain. Foster was the final straw on one of my favorite teams. It'€™s wait until next year for me barring some kind of miracle. It'€™s a tough blow for fantasy GMs who had been patient, waiting for... Read full article

  • The Waiver Wire 10/20

    Updated at 6pm
    By: Pete Davidson : October 20, 2015 3:26pm

    Welcome to the waiver wire for Week 7 pickups. As I said over at WEEI this morning, it will be a competitive week on the waiver wire, so you should be aggressive if you need talent for Week 7. I'll be back at least twice today to update this article and add more players... Read full article

  • The Waiver Wire 10/13

    Waiver wire targets for Week 6
    By: Pete Davidson : October 13, 2015 2:51pm

    Welcome to the Week 6 Waiver Wire. As I said this morning over at WEEI, it’s a bummer of a Tuesday because we had a major injury on Sunday. Nobody likes to see a great player like Jamaal Charles go down. That said, the injury does create opportunity if you can go out... Read full article

  • The Waiver Wire 10/6

    The expanded waiver wire (updated at 6pm)
    By: Pete Davidson : October 06, 2015 1:34pm

    Welcome to the expanded waiver wire for Week 5 pickups. This is the first update of the wire I posted over at WEEI this morning. I am now going back to watch more film and will also look at the defensive matchups for Week 5, so there will be more additions to the wire... Read full article

  • The Waiver Wire 9/29

    Zeroing in the best Week 4 pickups (updated at 8 pm)
    By: Pete Davidson : September 29, 2015 10:34am

    Welcome to the Week 4 waiver Wire! The bye weeks are finally upon us with both the Patriots and Titans taking a break. It’s time to really start building your team depth if you haven’t already. The bye weeks will hit hard soon enough. As always, I will be updating... Read full article