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Welcome Home!

Welcome home, Rotobahners!  It’s been a while!  As most of you know, the old website was in need of an upgrade and said upgrade is underway, though it is a bit of a work in-progress.  That’s something for me to worry about though, because the good news is that we’ll be posting all of the August content you need to crush your drafts just like we’ve been doing for the last eight years.  So buckle-up for a bumpy August—with injuries and suspensions and depth chart shockers.  I’m ready to decipher it all and grind those rankings. 

Right now, I have some preliminary ranks up and they will be added to over the next week as I work towards posting my tiered positional rankings over at WEEI.COM.  Some time around mid-month, I’ll be posting the 2018 Rotobahn Draft Plan, which I can already tell, will be similar to our 2017 incarnation, but with a little more depth at the elite running back position.  Yes, I still call the RB elites a position unto themselves.  The Draft Plan’s goals will be very much the same—to get as much high-end talent as possible on draft day and to attack the waiver wire in the early stages of the season.  Our early season waiver wire has always been one of the things we take pride in.  This year will be no different.

As always, follow me on Twitter @Rotobahn to keep pace with all of my content here, at WEEI and occasionally at other outlets like Player Profiler and Footballguys, and who knows where else.

The Rotobahn Podcast is also returning and I really couldn’t be happier.  As we did the last two years, the pod will augment to articles you read here, with a weekly waiver wire supplement and hopefully many weekly DFF shows if I can find the time.  We’ll also have on occasional guests when possible.

I hope you all are as excited as I am.  Again, welcome home.


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