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Week 17 Rankings

Welcome to the Week 17 Rankings!

I have to say, I genuinely look forward to the day (or year, I guess)  where NOBODY plays seasonal fantasy on Week 17.  We’re getting there too.  I have never had so few questions for seasonal bowls as this year.  Maybe by 2021 we will no longer even discuss this and guys like me will be busy with Week 17 DFS!  Oh what a wonderful world it would be.  I say this not ONLY because Week 17 is just plain wrong for the grinders who made it there in seasonal league, but because it’s actually a great week for DFS because many folks can’t work through all the thick grass to find the good plays.  More on that tomorrow when I do the DFS podcast.

So all of the rankings follow below.  I’m not breaking it down into the typical four articles as I’m not doing many Skinnys for most of the skill guys and I’m a ways away from having strong DFS takes.  I’ll have some positive comments here and there but use the QBs for the game and usage takes.

There is a good chance that I will update these ranks on Sunday morning.  I’m assuming we’ll hear more about inactives overnight.

Also, just a note here, but there is no pricing for the Seahawks and 49ers players as they only have Showdown pricing on DK, which is obviously off-scale with primary pricing.  Hence, you’ll see they have dashes where their cost should be.

And, for a deeper dive into the Week 17 games, check out my Friday convo with Jim Hackett.

Good luck to all this week!

All pricing was sourced from DraftKings.