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WR Rankings Week 13 (updated Saturday)

Welcome to the Week 13 Wide Receiver rankings!

It’s a big week and I’ll be grinding the WR rankings a lot between now and the update—both for DFF and especially for seasonal.  Hopefully you have clear cut choices, but if not, hit me up on Twitter for a second opinion. 

Tyreek Hill is in such a great spot but his price is a bit crazy for a wide receiver.  My lineup construction may end up pushing me towards guys like Mike Evans, Keenan Allen, Julian Edelman and Robert Woods.  There are some solid money-savers out there as well, like Corey Davis, Josh Reynolds and Chris Godwin.  I’ll dig into all of this and probably ditch some of it when I do the Saturday DFF podcast.

I’ll be back in a bit with the running backs and tight ends.

These rankings will be updated on Saturday.

Week 13 Rankings: 


All Rotobahn rankings are based on .5 PPR scoring.