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WR Rankings Week 15 (updated Saturday)

Welcome to the Week 15 Wide Receiver Rankings!

Congratulations on reaching the semifinals!

Let’s see if we can increase your odds of victory, shall we?

The receivers are deep and in good shape though depending on your Week 14 luck, you may have lost some good talent.  Mike Evans was the big hammer that fell–hitting several of my teams and I’m sure some of yours as well.  Theres nothing we can do but the best we can do and hopefully these rankings lead you in that direction.

For Week 15 DFS, there is a whole lot to like and I’ll hit a few here but trust me, there will be a lot more when we get to the DFS podcast.

That said, here are a few guys I really like right now.

  • Tyreek Hill
  • Chris Godwin
  • Kenny Golladay
  • AJ Brown
  • Terry McLaurin
  • Darius Slayton
  • Mike Williams

I’ll get into all the details and the Week 15 slate on the pod.

This article will be updated on Saturday as always.

I’ll be back later with the running backs and tight ends.



All pricing was sourced from DraftKings.