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WR Rankings Week 17

Welcome to the Week 17 Wide Receiver Rankings.

These receivers might be the end of me.  Kidding.  Kidding.  I knew what I was getting into when I started this week’s work.  The thing with Week 17, is that you are never done, especially with Covid knocking over apple carts everywhere.

It’s a week to gather info right up until the last minute.

There is just so much that we can never know about this week.  So many teams who might pull vets early, but then again, they could let them play.  It’s very hard to get a good drip.

In DFS, I’m slowly working my way to correlation over looking for the best plays, because one of the few things I can trust are a handful of games.

Here are a few of the receivers I want to get involved with this week.

  • Davante Adams ($9,200) at Bears
  • Justin Jefferson o($7,600) at Lions
  • DK Metcalf ($7,300) at 49ers
  • AJ Brown ($7,200) and Corey Davis ($6,200) at Texans
  • Manny Sanders ($5,500) at Panthers
  • Mike Williams ($5K) at Chiefs
  • Richie James ($3,100) vs. Seahawks

There are more.  I like bringing any of the Texans receivers back against Titans stacks.

All of the Panthers receivers are good bring backs against Saints stacks, which I am suddenly warming up to.

I’ll be back soon with the tight ends.