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WR Rankings Week 8 (updated Saturday)

Welcome to the Week 8 Wide Receiver Rankings!

As I did with the quarterbacks, I just want to take a quick second to remind folks that these rankings get posted early in my weekly process.  I spend Monday and Tuesday largely looking back, as I put the Waiver Wire articles and podcast together.  On Wednesday, I start organizing the new week and the lineup rankings that need to go up on Thursday—due to Thursday Night Football.  Much of the crucial information on a given week comes in on Friday and Saturday, so I strongly encourage you to consult my final rankings which usually go up Saturday afternoon and evening.  The early rankings, while important, are a quick sketch of the week to come.  The final rankings are almost always better.  That is all.

You can really feel the bye week crunch now that we are four teams short, though the Titans guys won’t be missed as much as the others.  I’m really liking the top of the list this week and I will be searching for ways to get 2-3 elite receivers in my DFS lineups. Thankfully, there is some good value at running back to counterbalance that approach.  We’ll be getting into that soon.

I’ll be back later on with the RBs and TEs.

Week 8 Byes:  Falcons, Cowboys, Titans, Chargers. 


Week 8 Rankings:



Rotobahn rankings are based on .5 PPR scoring.