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WR Ranks Week 13 (updated Saturday)

Welcome to the Week 13 Wide Receiver Rankings, and Happy Thanksgiving to all! 

Oh my it’s early!

I’ve been up since six grinding receivers and I have to to say, I’m really looking forward to my crazy uncle and some whisky!

The receivers are super deep this week though we do have some injury situations to deal with.  There are a few unranked options at the bottom, and for new readers, if you don’t see the player you are looking for, just use the search–located just above the rankings and to the right.  It searches as you type.  Your guy will pop-to-the-top as you type his first or last name.

I’ll get into the DFS angles when I do the pod this weekend.  A very light TE ranking article is on its way.  It’ll be up some time this morning.  I may actually be doing while I’m on the air!  Shhhhh.

I’ve put some Turkey Slate thoughts into the rankings themselves.  If you want more, listen to Jimmy Hackett and myself tomorrow on WEEI.  We’re on from 9-12 so we’ll be talking about the holiday slate for a good hour.  If you are out of market, check for the show segments as hey come out.

There will be a DFS pod this weekend and I’ll do my best to get it done on Saturday.

This article will be updated on Saturday as always.


All pricing was sourced from DraftKings.

For the original rankings, scroll to the bottom.  I like to remove players who have already played from the rankings.  Getting the dead wood out of my view is the way I prefer it.