A quick look at Zac Stacy

By: Pete Davidson : November 03, 2013 6:31pm

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Zac Stacy, of the St. Louis Rams, is a tailback that we liked a lot going all the way back to before the 2013 NFL draft.  Stacy broke out last week with a 134 yard rushing performance against a tough Seattle defense. He also suffered an ankle injury towards the end of the game and that may put his status for this week’s game against the Titans, who also like Zac, in question.  We thought this would be a good time to go back and take a closer look at Stacy and at Rotobahn’s scouting report from earlier this year. At this time it seems as if Stacy has really taken the lead role in the Rams’ backfield.

Take a look at the scouting report.

Here’s what I had to say about Stacy in our 2013 rookie rankings.....

Here’s a player we really like, but the rub is that he’s stuck in a backfield with two other players we really like and they’ve been there a year longer than Stacy has ... giving them a slight advantage for 2013. So Stacy could be in a long term battle for playing time. The upside is that he’s a fine back and the Rams are accumulating a very nice offensive roster. There could be room to run in St. Louis in the coming seasons. If Stacy has an advantage in the St. Louis backfield scrum, it’s this.... Stacy is not only the biggest back of the three, but he’s also the most versatile. He can run the wildcat and he throws a decent ball so he really is a dual threat. OC Brian Schottenheimer has some Wildcat chops from his days with Brad Smith in New York. Stacy also offers the most contrast to Tavon Austin. 

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