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By: Pete Davidson : July 23, 2013 10:03pm

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I thinks it’s time for a mock article and since I just completed a mock over at FFC, I’ll use it to outline a solid draft approach from a middle draft position.  It was a 12-team draft with a standard lineup and no flex position.  It's standard scoring versus PPR.  Here are the results with a few comments for each pick.




Round 1, Pick 7, C.J. Spiller, RB, Bills


I like the value at #7, four spots later than I rank Spiller.  I want to go RB in round one if possible, so this was pretty much what I was looking for.  Now I am in good shape to take the best value on the board in round two.  Click here to read my last article on Spiller.




Round 2, Pick 18, Jimmy Graham, TE, Saints


I was hoping that Chris Johnson or Matt Forte might slip, but no such luck.  Having said that, Graham is no consolation prize as Nick Traicoff points out in his most recent article.  I get a nice advantage at the TE position and I like my chances at getting an RB2 in round three that I like.




Round 3, Pick 31, David Wilson, RB, Giants


Wilson is one of my favorite upside RB2 this year and I was happy to scoop him up as my third player and second RB here.  Randall Cobb was tempting as were a few other receivers, but I wanted to make sure I had a solid ground game from the get go, so Wilson is the pick.  I am now in good position to take a WR, QB or another value RB in the fourth round.




Round 4, Pick 42, Vincent Jackson, WR, Bucs


I might have considered Gronkowski here if I had not landed Graham in round 2, but Jackson was the obvious choice as my WR1.  Nice value in the middle of the 4th round and it fills my most obvious need.




Round 5, Pick 55, Eric Decker, WR, Broncos


I have him ranked as a fringe WR1 and I’m getting him as my WR2, so this is a bit of a no-brainer.  I am drafting him ahead of his ADP and feeling good about it.  Here's my take on Decker's value in the Denver passing game.




Round 6, Pick 66, Pierre Garcon, WR, Redskins


Sticking my neck out here just a bit here.  I was looking to go RB, but Giovani Bernard went right in front of me and I don’t like any of the remaining backs this high.  Garcon’s upside far exceeds this draft spot, so I’m going for it knowing full well that the easiest thing to build depth around is your third receiver.  Quarterback would be a reasonable option here, but I am liking more than a few of the remaining QBs and only three teams without QBs pick before my next selection.




Round 7, Pick 79, Russell Wilson, QB, Seahawks


The QB gamble pays off as I get Wilson, who I like as a solid QB1.  The only nagging concern now is RB depth, but I am in great shape overall.




Round 8, Pick 90, Bryce Brown, RB, Eagles


This addresses the RB depth nicely.  Brown’s upside easily merits using an 8th rounder.    His speed and tackle-breaking ability in Chip Kelly’s offense could be a great fit.  The big question is about ball security.  Philly is going to run it a ton and there’s more than enough room for a second tailback to get a lot of carries.




Round 9, Pick 103, Fred Jackson, RB, Bills


Not a player I am looking to add at this point, but since I have Spiller, this locks down a position for me and neutralizes the depth concern at RB.  If Spiller misses a few weeks, Jackson can post very good numbers.




Round 10, Pick 114, Michael Floyd, WR, Cardinals


I wanted more upside at receiver, and Floyd gives me that for sure.  Check out my dynasty update on Carson Palmer’s new target.




Round 11, Pick 127, Justin Blackmon, WR, Jaguars


I was watching some Jacksonville tape the other day and Blackmon really looked like he was coming on as the year progressed.  I know the risks, and he’s going to miss four games, but I have the kind of team where I want upside now versus a less dynamic yet safer player.  He should be well past his current groin problem by October, so I expect a nice talent infusion come Week 5.




Round 12, Pick, 138, Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Vikings


The same principle as with Blackmon.  Patterson may be slow to get going and he’s risky as all rookies are, but if he clicks with QB Christian Ponder and the jack-of-all role that Percy Harvin left to him in Minnesota, Cordarrelle could do some good things in 2013.  Worth a look here based on upside alone.  Check my glowing pre-draft scouting report on Patterson here.



Round 13, Pick 151, Denard Robinson, RB, Jaguars


Again, I want upside.  It might be a bit early for Denard in a redraft, but until I see MJD cutting like his old self, I am liking Robinson as a RB5 with a whole lot of upside.  Check out our pre-draft scouting report on Robinson, whom we gave an aggressive second round grade to.



Round 14, Pick 162, Matt Prater, K, Broncos


He’s a good kicker on a good offense and Denver is a good location for long field goals because of the altitude.



Round 15, Pick 175, Jets Defense


The really good defenses were gone and I like the Jets as a value choice.  They have a lot of talent with four solid defensive first rounders drafted in the last three years.  

  • 2010 DE Muhammad Wilkerson
  • 2011 DE/OLB Quinton Coples
  • 2012 CB Dee Milliner
  • 2012 DT/DE Sheldon Richardson

They also have three cornerbacks who were first round picks.  This team is disruptive up front and they can cover.  HC Rex Ryan is back in charge of this unit after spending more time with the offense to terrible results.  Expect a lot of aggression from this unit.  Sacks and interceptions should both be on the increase.  They’re underrated for fantasy purposes and are barely being drafted at all.





Overall, this was a good draft. I was hoping for Gio Bernard in the 6th, knowing that I could still piece together some really good WR3 options, but apart from that, I like the team a lot. There are no big weaknesses to worry about as far as my bench goes and I have very strong starters at every position. Obviously, this is only 15 rounds. Most leagues have at least one more and good leagues have five more. In a 20-round draft I’d definitely have added another QB, WR and a few sleepers at RB. I’d also have held out longer on my kicker and my defense and probably still have gotten the Jets as they are pretty un-trendy right now. Butt-fumbling has a lasting effect it seems.  If you missed it up top, you can see the whole draft here.  Yes, my team name was Seven Costanza.



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