Aaron Mellete’s Redraft Value Could Be Rising

By: Pete Davidson : August 23, 2013 12:23am

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I’m going to be keeping a close eye on Ravens WR Aaron Mellette tonight as he and his teammates square off against the Panthers. Mellette fell off the radar after a rough start to camp but he’s produced touchdowns in both preseason games, albeit against backups. And, when you look at the Ravens’ receiving situation and Mellette’s skill set, you have to wonder if he’s just a matter of time in this offense. The Ravens are long on speed players but they really need a tough receiver who is not on his last legs like Dallas Clark and Brandon Stokley.  We first mentioned Mellete in my Day Three article for this year’s draft. Here’s our take on the Elon product from our rookie reports....

“Mellette is a player that could make an early impact with the departure of Anquan Boldin. The Elon product is not lacking in confidence or ability, but he may have a slight adjustment playing at the pro level as he did not face top level competition on a weekly basis at Elon. The bottom line is this. Mellette could be starting across from Torrey Smith by the end of 2013 if he has a good camp. In our view, he’s the second most talented receiver in Baltimore. He’s a high-quality mid-round selection in all long term leagues.”

Everything seems to be progressing nicely. If Mellette can keep working hard and keep impressing his head coach, he might a very nice late round target in large leagues. Tonight is big. It would be nice to see him getting some time with Joe Flacco and the starters. I suspect he will. If he does well, he might be on the track for fantasy value in 2013. And, don’t get hung up on the fact he was a 7th rounder. This kid has talent. He’s also six foot two and weighs 217 pounds. He ran a very respectable 4.54 at the combine.

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