By: Pete Davidson : December 11, 2013 5:30am

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Washington should bench Robert Griffin and it’s a pretty obvious decision when you look at the Redskins’ situation. No matter who you are and no matter who you think should coach the team, the benching of Griffin is an all-time no-brainer. It’s a no-brainer for the Coach, the Owner and for the fans. It’s also a no-brainer for RGII and for Kirk Cousins too.

This is the opposite of that old Buffalo Springfield line. Nobody’s wrong, when everybody’s right. At least everybody should be right, because they all share a common interest.

First let’s establish one obvious premise. Here it is: Nobody benefits from RGIII playing anymore in 2013. This may be a tad simplistic, and yes, you could argue that it would be good for morale and development if RGIII finishes the year strong. Maybe so, but he’s already proven what a great player he can be, and when you boil it all down, the most significant potentiality of Griffin playing more football in 2013 is that he could get significantly injured as he did at the end of 2012. Weigh that potential outcome against the best thing he could possibly do by playing and it’s an open-and-shut case.

Now, let’s establish another premise. Here it is: Everybody stands to benefit from Kirk Cousins playing over the final three weeks of the season. The reality in the NFL is that there are not enough quarterbacks. If Washington can show that Cousins is ready to start, he would easily fetch more than the fourth round pick they used to select him with in 2012. Cousins obviously stands to benefit too and he’s certainly got a good chance to succeed when you look at the Redskins’ remaining schedule and Cousins' own abilities, which are significant.  We thought Washington made a very solid move when they selected him just based on value.  The time to cash in is now.

Let’s face it. Daniel Snyder’s team has needs and a shortage of draft picks with which to fill them. It makes perfect sense to increase Cousins’ marketability as soon as possible. If they do, they can use him to solve a problem somewhere in their starting lineup--perhaps even at a position that protects Griffin, who they invested their entire future in.

Forget about who gives them the best chance to win any of the next three games. It doesn’t matter if they win. In fact, they are better off losing. It’s a no-brainer, folks. If the Redskins have a clue, Robert Griffin III has played his last down in 2013. He sits, he heals and his team turns Kirk Cousins into a starting offensive lineman who can hold up in pass protection.


**UPDATE 12/11**




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