Bump up the Buccaneers Quarterbacks

By: Pete Davidson : May 11, 2014 4:12pm

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The redraft value of Josh McCown got a serious shot in the arm yesterday. He went from a man with one good option to a man with a host of good options. And, most of the players the Bucs drafted at the skill positions are game-ready.  That includes Robert Herron, whom they stole in the sixth round.

The Bucs added four players that, we feel, will boost the quality of their passing game.

All of these players can make major contributions. Herron and Evans, though very different, are both versatile in terms of where they can line up. Guess what, so is Vincent Jackson. This is an extremely versatile trio that could soon rival the NFL’s best.

Now consider that they have added an extremely talented tight end in ASJ, and probably the best receiving RB in this year’s draft in Sims.

Whomever is at the helm for the Bucs this year is going to be fantasy-relevant. McCown’s redraft value gets a massive bump in our view, and Mike Glennon’s long term value gets a nice boost too.

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